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Part 49: Job Analysis: Cannoneer

The support job of the Advance job sets. The Cannoneer can fight from the backrow using its own unique items.

Stat Changes

Strength: +9
Agility: +6
Stamina: +6
Magic: +4

Middling stats all around, the Cannoneer makes up for that with its abilities.

Innate Skills

Open Fire: Does row ignoring non-elemental damage to one enemy as well as a random status effect.

Learned Skills

Open Fire: Allows any class to use the Open Fire Command.
AP Required: 50

Exp Up: Increases the amount of EXP earned by 150%
AP Required:150

Combine: Use a "shot" item with another item to produce an effect.
AP Required: 300

Total AP to Master: 500

Normal Play Analysis
The Cannoneer is really a more offensive version of the Chemist. While Mix has a bevy of powerful support effects, Combine has powerful attacks. It's probably the most reliable way to inflict tons of status effects. Open Fire is also a reliable and powerful back row attack.

Low Level Play Analysis
Combine is the second most useful ability right after Mix. The status effect mixes don't bother with magic evasion (and most bosses by the time you get Combine have absurd magic evasion.) So use it to easily cripple a boss as well as do reliable damage.