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Part 51: Not with a Bang

We've beaten everything else. Now all that's left is one stage of the Sealed Temple.

To let you know they mean business, the game throws the tileset and music of the last area of the rift at you.

The random encounters are insane. Hades here is probably the strongest random encounter in the game. It's harder then some bosses.

There's still some loot.

A strong Katana if you feel like using it.

Now this is just silly.

Then there's this.

It's the strongest cloth armor in the game in terms of defense and increases magic by 1.

OK, the second to last boss of this place.

Butz is going to be putting that new ultimate power to use with Flare Spellblade.

Lenna will be having fun with Meteor and combine.

Spam Holy as usual.

Faris gets to mess around with Zeninage because I feel like it.

Yeah yeah you speedbump.

Boss Fight: Guardian

It's basically a retread of the Soul Cannon. Except just to mess with you it absorbs Thunder.

It's no trouble really.

Just keep throwing your attacks at it.

First the Launchers go.

Then the rest.

It drops the Crystal Orb.

It increases Magic by 3.... and that's it.

Finally, there's this. The ultimate fight of Final Fantasy V. Enuo, the character who in the backstory required splitting the world in two to seal him in the void. I'm going to beat him. In all honesty, I think just telling you would ruin the effect.

So here, let me show you.

Beating Enuo gives you the Necromancer job. It would be a useful and powerful job. Except that, you know, you had to beat the hardest challenges in the game to get it. And with that, I'm finally finished with Final Fantasy V.