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Part 53: Bonus Necromancy for Fun and Profit

Bonus Update 1: Necromancy for Fun and Profit

Once you beat Enuo this thing appears. I have no idea what it's for and what purpose it serves but whatever.

Today we're going to be doing something a little different. I'm going to be gathering the Dark Art spells. Now, there's a reason this update is "non-canon" if you will. Getting the Dark Arts requires getting EXP. The Necromancer needs to kill the enemy. So tricks like Doom and Catch won't work. Though, to keep it in the spirit of the LP so far I will only be fighting the enemies needed to get the Dark Arts.

Joining us on our journey will be Butz, the most Metal Berserker ever. He's wielding Earthbreaker, the strongest axe in the game.

The star of the show will be Lenna, as the Necromancer she'll be killing the enemies to get the spells.

Kirile will be helping out with Time and White Magic.

While Faris will be cutting things down.

Once you unlock Necromancer, Dark Arts appears on the spell list.

You fight a Mindflayer right away after getting Necromancer, and it teaches you the first one. Drain Touch.

Finally, I'll be saving on a different file.

Our first destination is the Phoenix Tower.

In it we fight some Lemures.

With it we learn Dark Haze, let the fun begin.

Next, back to the Sealed Temple.

The Assassin is the next murder target.

Deep Freeze is gained.

Onto Drakenvale.

Finding a Zombie Dragon is easy enough.

Picking up Evil Mist is also easy.

Back to Phoenix Tower!

The only "boss" that gives a Dark Art.

It's hilariously weak to Ice.

Meltdown does a different thing in every game it's been in.

Bal Castle is next.

The Old Object'd Art are our next target.

Meltdown is pretty neat looking.

With that, we learn Hellwind.

And Oath. Not that it's very needed now.

To the Sealed Temple once more!

This Jackenapes recolor has the next one we need.

I don't think most of the graphics here are used anywhere else.

The full set of Elemental Dark Arts is complete!

The next one is deep in the Sealed Temple.

Ironclads actually serve two purposes. They're what you steal the Earthbraker from.

And of course, they give the ability to throw every status effect possible.

We're learning!

Lenna equips Time Magic for Hilarious Quick Abuse.

To the Sealed Castle.

I think it's time we killed Exdeath again.

The penultimate Dark Art right here.

The bottom of the Sealed Temple again.
I ran around a whole lot this update

Hades holds the final Dark Art. He counters pretty much everything with Flare and sometimes Death, which revives him to full if you try and use Reflect because he's undead.

Just hit him with Shadow Flare until he falls down.

And now I have all the Dark Arts!

Butz learned something too!


Time to Master a job!

Having the MP to cast Meteor 5 times in a row is a beautiful thing.

My dream of having a Mime dual wield axes is complete.

Doomsday animation is cool. It's a bunch of lasers fireing down at everything.

Necromancer, Mastered.

And Kirile masters Mimic for kicks.

And I'm done. All in all, fighting just the enemies needed to get all the Dark arts got me 18-19 levels.

Oh yeah this guy gives hints on where to get the Dark Arts. But I didn't need that.