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Part 54: Bonus When it doubt, kill them twice.

Bonus Update 2: When it doubt, kill them twice.

Now that I've gotten all the Dark Arts, I think I'll show off the final thing this game has to offer. The Cloister of the Dead.

Butz will be taking on everything with the most powerful equipment possible with Spellblade Rapidfire.

I went though all that trouble to get the Dark Arts so Lenna is going to use them.

Kirile will basically be a magical murder machine.

Faris has Jump and Mix because why not?

Welcome to the Cloister of the Dead. Not really much to explore. I can turn around if I want, but I won't.

Each of those flames is a boss from earlier in the game. Buffed up... a little. Let's kill them again.

First, the Wing Raptor.

I don't really need to show how outclassed it is.

That was fast.

Golem Neutralizes this.


Oh look it's Siren.

You're a zombie? Well I have a Necromancer. Now burn.

Done and done.

Oh look, it's these two. Wait, I didn't kill Forza.

Oh well. Nuke from orbit.

A few Meteors to be sure.

Magissa got, like, one Firaga that was promptly blocked by Kirile's Force Shield.

Ah the Gil Turtle. Things are actually getting a little tough.

Wait, no they're not.

The only thing funnier would be if he was vulnerable to Stop. I didn't manage to float Butz, but doesn't matter.

Once you beat 5 bosses, you can choose to press on or turn back. I'm pressing on!

I've killed you twice already.

Random fact, Liquid Flame is not Heavy.

So it dies instantly.

You're a machine. How are you here.

Oh well I just zap it anyways.

Really this is just embarrassing.

These things are dumb. Odin agrees.

I had to silence them beforehand before murdering the lot of them.

Got a new Blue Magic Spell out of it though.

Magic doesn't work here still.

Not that it matters when I'm holding the strongest weapons in the game.

You're still ugly.

Go away.

Oh come on.

He isn't Heavy either by the way.

He looses his phoenix down vulnerability so I have to kill him normally.

Still easy though.

The most these guys manage is koing one party member before I bring them back up. It's sad.

Back to this thing.

This is really all you need to see.

Oh look, the boss died before the minions.

Oh? Now we're getting somewhere. Acheodemon is as tough as ever.

To bad I'm tougher.

Butz and Faris spend their time tossing Elixirs at Lenna and Kirle as they murder this guy.

And we're done.


Go away.

Look, he managed to turn Lenna into a toad.

It's sad how that's the most notable thing to happen.

Is there any pattern to what bosses appear, at all?

Phoenix Down + Dark Matter.

And we're done.

Oh come on. Another turtle. You're not even as tough as the Gil Turtle.

Onto the next fight.

Oh come on.

Rapidfire. Done.

The game's just mocking you.

It actually took me a moment to remember her.

For kicks I buff up Lenna and Butz.

It works out pretty well all things considered.

Either Reflect Wore off, or all Dark Arts pierce it.

Heck if I know.

Oh come on. I fought your tougher counterpart already.

First I fry him.

Then I jut him.

Then I turn his attacks against him.

Finally, I nuke him from orbit.

He didn't even get a chance to enter the Gigaflare charging phase.

Oh look, it's this guy again.

I don't want you casting Return when I hit you in the face with Ultima Weapon.

Reflect up for funsies.

I like throwing what he helped guard at him.

Try casting Return now huh, huh?

He's still weak to wind hilariously.

Now give me Double Flare.

Oh it's this dick.

Still hate you.

And done.

Another spell learned!

Really now?



Oh look this guy again.

Sleep spellblade.

Followed by showing him what real orbital bombardment is.

Once again Toad is the only interesting thing this guy does.

I also hit him with whatever statuses he can be hit with.

That's what you get kissing Butz.

OK, these things again.

Whatever I'm done.

It's this thing again.

Random fact, it's possible to kill her before she can set up her barrier change gimmick.

Like so.

Notable because it's the first time I'm actually in slight danger.

Also notable in that I fix that within a single turn of Kirile's

Go back to being useless.


It's the Blue Mage guy!

He's very weak to Poison.

What else can you even throw at me?

Oh right, here we go. Taking out his barrier's was moderately tough.

He then casts Flash but Lenna's the only character hit by it and she does not care.

Random fact.

He's weak to all elements.

He managed to kill Butz.

But that's beyond pointless as I undo everything he does.

And still hit him with four Holy spells.

He starts casting Flare in response to everything I do. But I don't care.

Because I kill him and fill out my Blue Magic a bit more.

So after all that what's next?

Nothing, I just beat the Cloister of the Dead.

You get this a reward.

Like the Dragon Seal and Omega Badge, it only exists to take space in your inventory as a shiny trophy. Now, there's just one last thing to do.

South of Karnak, there's this cave underwater.

In it is a guy who will tell you some stats about your game.

Here's the file in which I've done this bonus stuff, but let's head back to the one before I got the Dark Arts.

And there we have it folks. I beat the story and the super hard optional dungeon of Final Fantasy V, with an EXP average of 142

There's nothing else to do. I've done everything possible in this game. Thank's for following along.