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Part 3: The least threatening pirates ever

Chapter 3: The least threatening pirates ever

I wonder if they would give us a ride?
Um, I think the only ride they'd be interested in would be a keel-haul for all three of us.
Yeah... you can't ask a favor from a pirate! That's while we'll just sneak on and steal their ship!
Whoa! You're pretty gutsy for an old-timer.

The pirates are asleep in front of any way but to the ship, so we kinda have to sneak aboard the ship.

Despite there being half-a-dozen boats in the course of the game, they all use this basic design.

Standing on the stem is seen as trivial, despite the problem of balance.



Well? "Cast off" means start sailing, kid.
I know that! The wheel won't even budge. How do you work this thing?
Try working anything and there'll be the devil to pay!

Judging by the unique sprite, this must be the pirate's leader!

Or mayhap you're just lacking in brains! I'd wager it's the latter.
Wait! I am Princess Lenna of Tycoon. Please accept my apologies for attempting to commandeer your ship.
Wha? Princess...
Of Tycoon!?
Sir, this is a formal request from the kingdom of Tycoon. Please, allow us use of your vessel. I must get to the Wind Shrine- my father is in danger!

Hey! leave her alone, you degenerate, lecherous, piratey... pirate!
I beg of you, please...

Toss the lot of them into the brig!
Aye-aye, cap'n!

What genius came up with the idea to steal a pirate ship, anyway?
Look in the mirror, pops.
...Ohh, my aching head! I can't remember a thing!
...And your amnesia oh-so-conveniently returns.
Still... I can't believe you're really the princess of Tycoon, Lenna!
I'm sorry... I didn't intend to keep it a secret.
It's not that big a deal. But, if you're the princess, why were you going to the Wind Shrine all alone?
My father is there. He hadn't been gone long when the wind slowed to almost nothing...
I just can't shake the feeling that something terrible is happening. I slipped out alone to head to the shrine, but then that meteorite fell, and... you know the rest.

As night falls...

She said her father's at the Wind Shrine...

The next day...

But cap'n... What about the landlubbers?
Untie them.

I reconsidered your request. You can go back into the brig if you'd rather.
Pull anchor! We sail for the Wind Shrine!
But the wind has stopped... how can the ship move?
Full of curiosity, aren't you, lass?
Slydra! Come up and say hello!

Say hi to Slydra, Faris' Plesiosaurus. With her, we can move despite the lack of wind.

Beautiful, isn't she? Slydra and I were raised together. We're as close as siblings.
All right, we're off!

Naw, I know the way.

...I think.

Faris lacks any real statistical problems and has the highest speed. The Dagger is nearly as strong as a broadsword, which is handy.

At the nearby town of Tule...

Think I'll stop in and have a drink as well.

I'm not, but there's free items in this building.

It's mostly explanations of stuff like row and statuses and shit.

Also: 100 gil, phoenix down, a potion...

...And an Ether beyond a secret passageway.

Some chests contain monsters. Usually, they cough up some really nice items. In this case, we get some shoes.

We buy some Broadswords for Lenna and Galuf in preparation for the coming fights.

There isn't much to see in the Tycoon seas, just Tule and the Wind Shrine and a way back to the pirate's cave.

The canal to Walse is locked, so we have only one destination...

The Wind Shrine.

Finally, classes!