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Part 38: .5: Status Update 2!

Chapter 35.5: Status Update 2!

Krile is the fastest character. I have to make super-duper sure that Faris goes first, since she carries all the Summons.

I think it's cute.

Burtz is investigating new and interesting weapons to dual-wield.

Most of his abilities come from these investigations. He's got stuff from most of the physical classes.

And !Time. There's a point to that, I swear.

Lenna, showing off some of my favorite things: Blue Mages, Elemental rods, and absorbing fire.

Magic and drugs.

I could actually get Krile somewhere with !Rapidfire, but wasting my time in Black Mage works just as well.

I have no idea what I'm doing here.

I should just stick to Sorcerer and Ninja and stop dancing around the issue.

Yes, that's Gaia Gear.

Summary: Magic or thief abilities.

What is all this shit? I really need to sell some of it.

It's mostly Curaga at this point.

Seriously, ~aga level magic is where it's at.

I do love Hastega and Return and Comet.


I don't even need most of this.

Aeroga and White Wind make !Blue deserving of a slot right then and there.

Three songs left. Bard still won't be that useful even if I have them.

So, anyway, here we are, in front of scenic Exdeath's castle. I'll have to actually play the game again!