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Part 39: The walls are alive

Chapter 36: The walls are alive

Well, you idiots can't take down an elephant, so Exdeath and his 32678 HP is unsurprisingly better than you.

Will do.

Exdeath's castle has 13 floors. You better buckle in.

Blind wolves are actually blind, for some reason. Reflect Mages have auto-reflect and bounce spells off themselves. Twin Lizards are too boring to even get a new palette.

Third floor.

And it's a dead end.

Dead end, huh...

Krile cuts and runs to the center of the chamber!

Krile, where're you going? There's nothing in here.
No, there is... All of this is an illusion created by Exdeath.
What? Are you certain?
Grandpa, give me strength...


Dorgann, Xezat, and Galuf have all shuffled off this mortal coil... *cough cough* I fear I haven't much longer, either...
Lord Kelger!
It's nearing that time for the longest of rests...

Then, Galuf's spirit appears...

Who goes there? ...Galuf? Galuf, is it you?
Krile is...?
Galuf... Understood. Everyone... Lend me your strength!
Lord Kelger!
Let us rend the illusion that Exdeath has created! This is my last wish and last command! Send all your power to Exdeath's Castle!

And so Kelger is dead, but not before making those wolves send inexplicable Life Energy to Exdeath's castle.

Okay, Krile is 14, her parents are dead so she is the next in line for the monarchy of Bal, and Bal and Quelb are really close to each other, and the Dawn Warriors are like best buds.

How does Krile not know who Kelger is?

Some green Life Energy happens...

Oh fuck what is this place? The walls are breathing and there are bared innards pulsing and pillars made of flesh and

The 4th floor! The random encounters step up a little here.

It's only Magic Dragons, though, and they're weak to wind!

It's like the fire shield, except it absorbs ice. I think this one's a little better, because it accents Coral Rings much better.

Floor 5!

Seems like it would be really long...

...But there's an invisible passageway!

Floor 6! The bile lookin' stuff is actually damaging floor. Finally, a reason to use Geomancer!

Black Warlocks fling some status magic while in a group, switching to several varieties of instant death if alone. Adamantite Golems are just big bad asses with a bunch of attack and HP.

Bandercourels can use Blaster. That's pretty much it.

Floor 7! Step on the skull panel in the center to make the bridge move.

If you hit one of the pillars, some demon comes out to fight you.

It's stronger than the Osafune, but the same goes for a mild gust of wind.

Ice-element Knightsword.

I have someone to fight, from this pillar in particular.

It's Jackanapes again!

Too bad !Rapidfire poops in the face of your evasion!

Revenge is a beautiful thing, is it not?

There isn't a boss fight in the next room. You get a save point because you need a Cottage for the next batch of random encounters.

Floor 8's general theme is "Detours that force encounters with Yellow Dragons."

Let me tell you, Yellow Dragons are bastards. They have 7500 HP but lack any weakness, unlike Red Dragons.

Floor 9! It's as big of a pain in the ass as it looks.

Floor 10! It and 9 share a retarded puzzle.

Not only does it require you to walk through boiling lava/bile, but you fight random encounters.

No, that isn't a glitch. 3 Blue Dragons are really occupying the same spot in the battle. This is one of those things you run from FAST.

Yellow Dragons just love to spew lightning.

I hate this puzzle so much.

So much, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture of me actually getting to Carbuncle.

So, yeah.


He also reflects magic off himself.

Too bad he's open to petrification.

!Scan is just the spell Libra but as a command. It also means Lenna's mastered Blue Mage so her Freelancer has Learning innately.

Carbuncle casts Reflect on your whole party. White Wind ignores Reflect, so Carbuncle is a useful defensive aid sometimes.

Here's the save point between floors 10 and 11.

The bosses of Exdeath's Castle! I forget the Genji Helmet!