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Part 44: The Pyramid Scheme

Chapter 41: The Pyramid Scheme

So, gargoyles, exactly as foretold.


The gargoyles revive each other if you kill only one.

Besides that, they only have mediocre physicals.

A bunch of AP for how simple they are.

Our first dungeon of World 3, the Great Pyramid of Moore!

Stereotypically Egyptian.

Ushabti are Egyptian grave memorials, most commonly from the Middle Kingdom.

Lamias and ancient ruins; love at first sight?

These spikes do something that I forget because they're wussy spikes.

One switch opens the door behind Burtz, one opens the door ahead, the third releases snakes.

These snakes are so stupid that they don't even get a unique color scheme.

Nearly every chest in the Pyramid is full of monsters.

The Damned is such a cool name. Too bad The Damned are punks.

I forgot what I even mix with dark matter.

More Damned.

An extra Flame Shield for my troubles.

This one doesn't contain more Damned.

Archeosaurs have too cool of a name for how big of punks they are. Just blocks of HP with a fairly strong physical attack.

+3 magic and +3 stamina. White Robes are fairly cool.

Every 3 minutes or so the stairs drop to make you slide into spikes. If it weren't for B button dashing, this might be an issue.

Fuckin' robots. This is the awesomest pyramid. King Tut's battlebots will fuck you up.

Machine Heads to roboty things like shoot flamethrowers and missiles.

They also shoot a fucking anti-air missile at anyone who jumps. A pair of Thundagas flatten them really quick, though.

The scripting has a line for shooting Galuf and Lenna with anti-air missiles, oddly enough.

Another Archeosaur. This one guards a Black Robe, which gives +5 magic. It's top-tier body armor for that reason.

Aw shit, mummies!

Firaga tells 'em whatfor.

I liked it when the SNES FF games used FF1 monster designs. I think I'm alone in this.

There's two groups of Mummies on this floor. That one guarded the stairs up. This one guards another item.

The Thornlet is with the Bone Mail in 'strong defensive item with drawbacks.' However, every piece but the Bone Mail doesn't have the neato status and elemental resists that make the Bone Mail useful, if gimmicky.

A save point! Firaga and Thundaga start burning into MP stocks, since every fight is near instantly ended by them.

Krile has !Smoke just to avoid annoying encounters like this one.

One of the monster-in-a-box encounters was a group of statues. This one contained Crystal Armor. It's just even more defense than the Diamond stuff.

Running sand and some switches. OH GEE WHAT DO I DO?!

Go away Zephyrus. You're annoying.

This floor has a buttload of hidden paths.

Hammers suck because Berserkers suck.

The solution to this floor is to not fall like a retard. (pictured)

'nother ribbon.

'nother Gold Hairpin. Krile and Faris burn MP up, so another one is appreciated.

Protect Rings give 10 to both defenses and give innate regain. When in doubt, fling a Protect Ring on someone.

The pyramid has a shitton of treasure, if you haven't noticed.

Finally, it's the goddamn tablet.

Then some pillar raises the party to the peak of the pyramid! Once their, they start to look at things happening!

Bird Peninsula sinks with no regard for my airship!

Then Bahamut rises from the oceans!


The airship moors around the library, manned by unknown forces...

We get our airship back!