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Part 53: .5: Status Update 3

Chapter 49.5: Status Update 3

This is the last status update before I fully violate this game. Savor this last bastion of decency.

Burtz has explored physical classes except for this foray into Time Mage which I assure will not end with anything sane.

Lenna has been the primary high-number person for most of this game. It's a shame that she's going to become almost pure support.

My only excuse for the sheer mess that is Krile's skills is that Mimes can equip the Chicken Knife. Otherwise, it's that Galuf and Krile have filled whatever odd job I needed at the time. Oh well, the bucket of AP I'll soon exploit will let her round out this set and turn her into a monster.

I tried to keep Faris's pirating origins intact with the Thief stint but the allure of !Summon was too great.

I still have Lenna's Knife. I still haven't found another.

Since breaking the game means finding money geysers I've rarely had problems with cash and the only big one only meant Krile wasn't getting ABP from Leviathan.

I still have a lot of elemental rods from the rod breaking heyday.

I wish I could find more Ice and Fire Shields but the only sources I can find are rare steals and I fucking hate those things.

A lesser man would freak about only 3 Ribbons. I use Mimes too much.

I have a lot of Coral Rings and Flame Rings. Get used to the fuckers as they're essential to optional bosses.

Rounding out my collection are my full set of Reflect Rings, my pair of Kaiser Knuckles, and the 3 Elven Mantles from chests. And that Gourd I'll actually use once.

Also some other stuff not in that list as they are currently equipped. (Read: Chicken Knife and both Gold Hairpins)

I think what I do to bosses in the Rift qualifies as embarrassing. To them, that is.