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Part 63: Machine Central

Chapter 58: Machine Central


Welcome to the Tomb of Memory. This part is called Incubi's path even though it has no incubi.

There are some robots here.

Each robot is an Omega. These Omegas are exactly the same as the Omega from the Rift.

Omega is simply too fast to get a turn on before he acts. I could use the Masamune, but that's a Katana. Mimes couldn't equip it and Freelancers can't have the trio of skills needed. It doesn't get spellblade boosts either. Atomic Ray is absorbed by the other 3 and Krile's vest resists fire damage anyway.

The point of all that is simply this:

I'm going to beat Omega in a single turn.

It wasn't possible before. !Rapidfire is needed to get past Omega's 95% evasion and his defense as well as putting maximum damage from 19,998 to 79,992. !Spellblade is needed to get damage output high enough with !Rapidfire. A Thundaga spellblade quadruples damage, offsetting the half damage from !Rapidfire neatly. It also ignores defense but two of the same DEF=0 thing don't do anything special. Quick is needed to get !Spellblade and !Rapidfire without ending the turn, so !Time has to fit in.

Only Mimes can use three action abilities. Mimes can only use knives. The Chicken Knife works fine, as pictured. However, before the Sealed Temple, the 2nd best knife they could use was the Assassin's Dagger. It simply was too weak. I tried killing the Omega in the Rift this way, but Krile couldn't do it. I had to go with the less impressive version you saw.

What's changed is that we now have the Gladius and the Hyper Wrist. The Gladius itself is 30-power stronger than the Assassin Dagger, and the Hyper Wrist adds 10 attack to it and the Chicken Knife. Krile can break 55,530 damage without any Dragon Powers.

Therefore, Omega dies in a single turn. Burtz, Lenna, and Faris don't do anything.

The second Omega starts off with a complication: Blaster hits and instantly kills Krile.

He uses Blaster again and downs Lenna, but I don't give a flying fuck.

He used Blaster twice in a row. The only time besides his first turn that Omega casts Blaster is during his double-turn, which is his 5th act. Normally, his 2nd act is always Surge Beam. His AI script must have reset itself, I guess.

I never would've considered anything like that if I weren't in super-dissection mode right now.

The 3rd Omega uses Atomic Ray. Dumb bastard.

I put him out of his robomisery.

I don't even know what this shitmaster did but it failed utterly to stop me.

#5 uses Delta Attack. It hits Lenna but doesn't Petrify her. Huh.

You know what happens here.

Hah! An actual random encounter! Medusa uses every petrifying spell and skill in the book, 'cept Delta Attack, White Hole, and Grand Cross.

Completely useless.

Oh hey! One of the fuckers tried to escape! His blaster only paralyzes Faris so murdering him is almost a favor.

I wish I could fight Omegas in random encounters.

This switch dumps you back on the first floor.

This one...

...opens this path. It's got it's own superboss and everything.

This switch opens some door on the first floor to some basement to the most powerful robot in the world.

Yeah, this will be totally useful.

You know who this is?

It's Omega Mark II.


First off, Mk.II has 200 in both defenses, 100% evade and magic evade, 90 speed, and 65,000 HP.

He also uses Barrier Change. Omega Mk.II switches between Lightning, Fire, and Ice weaknesses. He still absorbs all other elements and picking at him to find it doesn't work 'cause he has 200 magic defense, reacts to damage by casting Rocket Punch twice, and switches really frequently 'cause he's as fast as fuck.

His attacks are mostly the same as a regular Omega's. He uses Rainbow Wind and Earthquake more, I think.

Doesn't mean he'll get a fucking chance too.

Don't ask me how I know he has an ice weakness. I would say it was guessing, but he seems to consistently go to the Ice weakness on that first Barrier Change.

Faris revives Krile for no logical reason. Guess I just like undoing all the hard work a boss puts into killing me.

Wave Beam. Doesn't matter.

It would've looked much better had I used a Dragon Power, but who cares? The robot is dead.

The Force Shield actually does nullify all 8 elements. It's as heavy as fuck and reduces speed by 5, but protection from all elements is too good to pass up.

And that's how I overcame all of the robots.

Behind Omega Mk.II's pedestal is a coffin which does nothing.


If Omega is down, guess who's next!