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Part 64: Dragon Central

Chapter 59: Dragon Central

This part is called Shinryu's Roost. OH GEE I WONDER WHY

Don't have Geomancer mastered yet? You've got brain problems.

This dungeon has already required a Tamer and a Thief, what's wrong with making you trek through lava?

Every dragon of any power shows up. Burtz shows off what Dragon Lances can do.

Pushing this switch dumps you on BF2, where there's nothing but some treasure.

This treasure, in fact.

The Maximillian is the only notable item there. It's in the same class as the Grand Helm: pointless defense increase that lacks any elemental/status protection or any redeeming qualities at all.

I have five now, and I have never used more than one.

Claret Dragons are assholes who cast Flare upon death. It's an asshole move.

The real exciting path is this way.





Neo Shinryu is as hardcore as bosses can get. He's got a really high magic stat and a who's who of painful spells: Ice Storm, Tidal Wave, Blaze, Lightning, Maelstrom, Zombie Breath, Breath Wing, and fucking Almagest. His Almagests can hit for well over 6,000 without Shell. It accounted for the vast majority of failures the first time I tried to down this bastard.

He has two targets - as two effects for Might Guard pop up. The second target just wastes !Rapidfire hits. His defense and magic defense are both 100 and his Magic Evade is 120%. He responds to damage with White Hole of all spells.

Krile starts with a Hastega and a Dragon Shielding, protecting Burtz from some elemental magic. I am avoiding healing her to get this off.

Of course, nothing is stopping Burtz from using Quick and !Jump to deliver 39,996 damage. Speed is of the essence here. If you don't kill this bastard fast, he will kill you through superior firepower and fucking Almagests.

Did I mention that I tried about seven times to kill Neo Shinryu the first time I ever faced him? Somewhere along the line, he pulled out a new trick and totally blasted me before I could win. It was usually Almagest.

White Hole hasn't hit me in forever. I don't quite know how, but I'm blaming either these Angel Rings or my awesome might.


I never get to his double attack and thank goodness, he has 200 attack!

His third attack is always Zombie Breath. I have a full set of Angel Rings for that purpose. I had to use a Dragon Shielding on Burtz 'cause he had no other form elemental protection. He doesn't have a shield and Krile has the Vishnu Vest.

I've got this dragon down to a science. The mighty are my playthings and, sometimes, I get rid of old toys.


However, Neo Shinryu makes one last attempt to kill you. Upon dying, he casts Giga Flare...

...Then Meteor! Luckily, the part of Neo Shinryu you actually kill has pitiful magic.

Hard fought, hard earned...

For beating Neo Shinryu, we get the strongest sword in the game.

It's the only weapon capable of outdoing the Chicken Knife, in fact. It does so through RAW UNADULTERATED POWER! 180 of it, in fact.


One last bonus boss to embarrass. This time, with panache!