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Part 11: Page 11

Two things I forgot to take care of until now.

These two songs, which continuously boost strength and level respectively. I got a few other songs like them that boost speed and magic power (the latter of which you get from a guy in the Ancient Library and I kind of neglected to get until the beginning of the third world Good thing I remembered!)

I'm winner

Okay, now let's do it! Let's get that madman!

We fly into this black hole, but instead of slingshotting off of it and going back in time so we can beat up Al Capone or something, we just go in and get sucked into another dimension.

It starts out as a sandy beach filled with conveyer belts made of sand and stuff. I beat up some sand monsters and get to a door.

But suddenly I get goon rushed! Exdeath's thugs show up, call me names, and leave. Not sure why they didn't all just attack me. They clearly have the advantage of numbers. But hey, they're not evil henchmen because they're smart, they're evil henchmen because... well, I guess because they showed up. The qualifications for being a henchman aren't exactly that high, considering it isn't even a paying job. You saw the subhumans Lex Luthor let into the Legion of Doom, right? Same thing here.

Then I crawl around through an ancient techno-city thing. There are monsters here, but they're not really worth mentioning. Except that one of them randomly drops Rune Bells, which boost all elemental damage (except water! Motherfucker!).

Then I show up in Mirage Town, but everything's frozen. I come in through this door that normally when you open it makes a weird noise and closes again. I guess this would make more sense if I'd mentioned that before, but, well, fuck.

I get out of Mirage Town and wind up in this forest, which is dark and mazey. Whatever, everything here begs to suck on X-Fight and gets its wish in spades. And knives and shit, I guess.

Then I'm attacked by some wacko bitch with a crystal ball!

First of all, this one liner is way too awesome for its own good. Second, I'm really fucking sick of annihilating everything with X-Fight, so I sneak a boxcutter on board and use it to coax the pilot into turning this plane around to Crazytown, USA (I was thinking about taking it to Kichimacha, Japan, but I'm not sure if the plane had enough fuel, and I didn't really know how to land it). She uses nothing but spells, so I drain all her MP with two Lillith's Kisses (Maiden's Kiss and Ether, and for being so reliant on MP, she sure doesn't have much of it at 1000 .). Then I poison her, haste her, and wait.

Several dozens of seconds later, she's dead. Never actually killed anybody with poison before. It's pretty rad.

I travel through a tree and end up in a cave. After a little exploring, I find this save point. CABIN TIME

And outside I find this ugly motherfucker! Omega is a superboss, perhaps the first superboss ever. Okay, I'm probably totally wrong there, but the point is this guy can fuck you up if you're not prepared to fight him. And he's marginally difficult to avoid. I'm going to annihilate this Asimo son of a bitch, but first I'm taking requests as to how I should finish the job! Just give me a suggestion, and I'll tell you whether or not it's feasible. If it is, there's a chance I just might use YOUR strategy in an AVI I'll record of me tearing this guy a new USB port! Act now, offer ends soon!

Note: Author has recorded the fight against Omega as an SNES9x demo movie, which can be found at the bottom of the next page.