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Part 12: Page 12

I end up in a library and fight a Byblos palette swap who is also a panda or something. I burn him and move on with my life.

Then I wind up in this place in the sky where there are these invisible walkways and stuff. Also, the only enemies here are dragons and ninjas. I felt this was worth mentioning.

Then I pull up to the gates of some kind of floating castle or something. Around this time is when you start finding enemies from whom you can steal really cool shit. I couldn't be bothered to try because I don't really need them.

Here I am in the dungeon with a bunch of people. Those old dudes turn into giant lizard things that you can steal Dragoon Lances from, but it's easier to get them later. Still, I kill them all and manage to steal two in the process. The beholder thing I'm staring at turns out to be a boss with no exploitable weakness who I kill with X-Fight, and the lady behind him eventually turns into a boss with no exploitable weakness who I kill with X-Fight.

At the top of the castle, I find this guy, Twin Tania. I always confuse him with Giga Gaia from Chrono Trigger, mainly because he uses Giga Flare, and Tania without the N in it kind of looks like Gaia. He counters all magical attacks with Mega Flare, and all physical attacks with Tidal Wave, so I equip everybody with Coral Rings and go to town on him with X-Fight. If you leave him alive long enough, he'll flash and it'll say "Charging up for Giga Flare!" and then after a little bit he'll totally blow up your entire party. As I'm sure everyone knows by now, while he's charging up, you can hit him with Level 5 Doom, or Odin, or hell just cast Break on him and he'll die. However, I had to kill him before he could do that. Why? So I could get...

THE TINKER BELL! With an attack power of 55, it's the strongest bell you can get. Of course, at 55 attack power, it's also a really shitty weapon. But the option remains in case I want to use it to embarass some kind of superboss.

After I defeat Twin Tania, a stairway appears, which I climb to heaven.

Wait... this isn't heaven! It's... it's... IT'S HELL!! Okay, it's the N-Zone, but it might as well be hell. The enemies here aren't really that strong, but they're just strong enough to be annoying. But you can still steal cool shit. Well, uh, you can steal Dragoon Lances from the Crystal Dragons around here, but really that's about the only cool thing you can get. Unless you count the Drain Swords you can get from King Behemoths. Those are pretty cool. Other than that, though, it's basically shit. But you can get Bone Mail!!!!!!!

But the weird teleporter thing to continue further into the hell of floating crystals and shit is guarded by...

Gilgamesh!!! It turns out when he got exiled to the Cleft of Dimensions, he wasn't foolin'. But now he's here, confusing my party for monsters. I swipe a Genji Shield off him and then rough him up a little to jog his memory. He launches into an annoyingly long monologue, which I simply turned into an animated GIF because I don't want to post 17 screenshots of this idiot talking. I'm linking to it because I don't want anybody to stumble upon it while it's already played through half of it, so click here to watch Gilgamesh talk.

So we point him to the exit and he wanders off, down through the castle, over the floating walkways, out of the library, up the caves and the waterfalls, through the forest, into Mirage Town, through the ancient ruins, over the sandy beaches, to... our airship? Wait a minute!

The brave adventurers cross their fingers and hope Cid got it insured, and press on through the N-Zone.

Here's a chest I'm not opening.

I find this glowing ball of light, which disappears, and then some guy says I can't have it. Okay. Anyway, the guy is Necrofobia, and I have to fight him, but the fight takes a sudden and dramatic twist! I documented it in another animated GIF because it's made up of like forty fucking screenshots, so watch it here and prepare to shed a tear for fallen heroes. Some modifications have been added to denote action.

And just as quickly as it started, it's over. Our rival, no... our friend shall be missed. He will not be buried with the awesome Genji Armor I swiped from him before he died. And Necrofobia's light was a save point, I guess? The light looked nothing like that. Just what was Necrofobia's light??? I'm guessing it's Marcellus Wallace's soul.

We set up some Lincoln Logs and knock off for a bit, then I decide to check out that chest I didn't open.

Oh shi Yeah, it's Shinryu. A superboss. And I need you people's help in defeating him. Well, okay, no I don't, I already know how, and without Dragoon Lances or Jump or hell, even without Coral Rings. I also know how to make basically all his attacks worthless so he can't ever kill me. All I need from you people is how I should kill him. His physical evade is 20%, compared to Omega's 95%, so I can use pretty much any physical attack on him. Magic evade is still through the roof, but most damaging magic always hits anyway, and he's immune to most statuses. So how should I kill this guy? I can use basically anything. Except the Excailbur, unless you wanted to watch an hour-long AVI.

As for this pitched battle to get a screenshot?

Yeah, you can steal a Dragon Whip from him. It's a rare steal, but the only other place to get them is from Stingrays, who you have a 1/16 chance of encountering, and they have a 1/16 chance of dropping one, so it's technically easier to get them here even if you don't hack the Steal command. And you can run away from this guy, so you can get as many as you want.

Note: Author has recorded the fights against Omega, Shinryu and ExDeath, as well as the whole ending, as SNES9x demo movies called .smv files. The SMVs are guaranteed to play with SNES9x 1.43 and the FF5 patched ROM below.

Final Fantasy V patched ROM (smc file)
Final Fantasy V patched ROM (srm file)

Omega Fight
Shinryuu Fight
ExDeath Fight + Ending