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Part 3: The best character in the game.

Loose Ends, Part 1

I hope this won't become a regular feature, but in an attempt to enhance your LP experience, I'm going to be jumping back into the previous update to cover a few things that I forgot to mention.

Last time, I neglected to point out another special thing about Mog. While the game forbids you from checking out the gear of all the other moogles, Mog has no such restrictions. Once again, this may or may not be an obvious flashing neon sign that we'll be picking him up as a party member later on.

Really though, what use does a moogle have for such fancy gear?

Moogles are meant for dancing, not fighting.

Speaking of dancing, one attack that I neglected to point out for Dusk Requiem is Snare, yet another instant kill technique. They're just passing those out left and right, aren't they?

I should point out that, unlike many bosses, the Marshal does not resist instant death abilities, so if I had taken him on with Mog, I could potentially have killed him in one turn. But then I would have missed out on that sweet knife.

Chapter 3: The best character in the game

Music: Awakening

With the Imperials temporarily repelled, Locke carries Terra to what appears to be an exit to the tunnels.

The loud noise caused by a giant slab of rock moving out of the way is enough to wake up Terra, who implausibly has recovered all of her MP.

: You...saved me?
: Save your thanks for the moogles!
: Uhh... I can't remember anything... past or present...
: You have amnesia?!
: A man said my memory would come back...

I can sort of understand Terra's confusion here. She only just met the fellow a minute or two before, and now he's already appointing himself to be her bodyguard. I think I'd be a little weirded out as well.


This game's not very subtle about its foreshadowing.

If the game automatically marching us out right to Narshe's front door wasn't enough of a hint, we've got nothing else to do in the town for now, other than talking with that guy over in front of the Beginner's Hall. Since you've got me explaining everything to you, we don't need to ask them for tips, but I pop in anyway to take their stuff.

Welcome to the world map, in all its Mode7 glory. The official world map theme is yet to come, as Awakening is going to accompany us all the way to our next destination.

While I'm on the world map, I take the time to equip Mog's Mithril Shield onto Terra, and her defense skyrockets. Can't say much for the bonus to Evade% because, as we'll see, that stat might as well not be there.

Seeing as the biggest threat to our party at the moment is a bunny rabbit riding a giant head of lettuce, our walk is relatively uneventful.

Figaro Castle, built in the desert. That doesn't strike me as a structurally stable design, but what do I know about masonry?

Music: Figaro Castle

Locke's got himself some authority, it seems. Wouldn't expect that kind of thing from a guy dressed like that.

I do like the way that this game blends technology with a medieval look. For instance, by putting wind turbines inside the castle turrets. I'm not entirely sure what those could be used for, but seeing as we are in a desert, I'm gonna guess that it's air conditioning.

If we talk to the guards, they insist that we speak directly to the king of Figaro, but we've got a brief window to do some shopping, so we get that out of the way.

In addition to the generic item shop, there's also a special store in Figaro that sells Tools. Nobody in the party can use those yet, but my powers of precognition tell me that we should buy a Bio Blaster and a NoiseBlaster, just in case.

With that out of the way, we can finally go and see the king. Locke handles the introductions for us.

Take this shot as you will.

: Oh, sorry...

: I am Edgar, King of Figaro.
: Surprised someone like me knows a king? I'll see you later.

: Please try to relax while you're here. It's not in my blood to harm a lady.
: Look, why are you helping me? Is it because of my...abilities?
: I'll give you three reasons: First of all, your beauty has captivated me! Second...I'm dying to know if I'm your type...

: ......
: What's with you anyway?
: Guess my technique's gotten a little rusty...

Even when I was a kid, I recognized how brilliant this dialogue is. The womanizer is a fairly common archetype in stories of this kind, but you really get the feeling that there's a hint of sarcasm in how Edgar flirts with Terra, like there's a calculating mind behind the buffoonery.

At this point, Terra is kind of at loose ends, so we simply go exploring. Most of the NPC's in the castle just talk about how technologically advanced Figaro is, but if we go to the left tower, we encounter someone with an interesting tale.

And cue a flashback, sepia tones excluded this time.

Music: Coin Song

: Are you blind? Look how thin his face has become!
Youth: What is it?

Youth: Brother!
Youth: Were those...tears?

Matron: When he ran away, he was such a sweet little child. I wonder what he's like now...

Maybe this is just the result of the game developers being too lazy to make a "Young Sabin" sprite, but he most certainly didn't look little. We're going to be meeting him later, if the tagline wasn't enough of a hint.

Edgar's back on his throne again, but we don't get long to talk to him before...

: Probably Kefka.

Music: Kefka's Theme

Speak of the Devil. Kefka Palazzo's been given the most extensive treatment by Ted Woolsey, a fact that will became swiftly apparent right...


: Edgar you pinhead! Why do you have to live in the middle of nowhere? These recon jobs are the pits!

When Kefka wants something done, you do not leave him waiting.

Soldiers: Yes, Sir! All set, Sir!

: Idiots!

Sound Effect: Kefka's Laugh (Warning: somewhat loud)

In an era where voice acting was rare and oftentimes painfully bad, Kefka's laugh was instantly memorable. He'll frequently use this laugh as a calling card, announcing his presence before he actually appears on screen.

: A girl of no importance recently escaped from us. We heard she found refuge here...
: Hmmm... this wouldn't have anything to do with this "witch" everyone's been whispering about, would it?
: Lies! She...merely stole something of minor value. Is she here?
: That's a tough one!

This is one of my favorite lines in this game. There are a lot of great lines down the line, but this is the one that springs most immediately to mind.

: I'd hate to be you if we find out that you're lying! Mwa, ha!

Well, that's slightly ominous.

Locke's chosen this moment to appear in front of the door to the throne room, and Terra walks out right behind him.

: (to Locke) Take her to her room.

Well, when you ask so nicely, how can I refuse?

: You're Locke, right? Edgar told me about you. Is it true you're a thief?
: That's TREASURE HUNTER! Anyway, on the surface, Edgar pretends to support the Empire. The truth is, he's collaborating with the Returners, an organization opposed to the Empire. I am his contact with that group...The old man you met in Narshe is also one of us.
: But...I'm a soldier of the Empire...
: That's not true! They were using you! Things are different now.

: I can't tell you what to do. You don't have to decide right now. You'll soon find your own way.

Next Time: The mechanics of the engineer.