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Part 23: LP's? No LP's here. No sir!

Loose Ends, Part 6

One thing I neglected to mention about the battle with the ninja in the Sealed Cave is that he rattles off this long spiel about buried treasure and a grand staircase before he dies.

I suppose this is grand enough. Time to start digging.

Unfortunately, this fellow was apparently from Zozo, because some of these treasures are going to lie to you about what they really are.

2000? More like 293. Other "treasures" include an Inviz Edge (worthless), a Remedy (actually a Soft), and a Water Skean (somewhat useful, but they're actually called Water Edge).

If you're curious, the chest has an Ether in it.

Chapter 23: LP's? No LP's here. No sir.

After the party, the group comes together for a strategy meeting.

: Locke...thank you...
: The rest of you wait here. I smell a rat.
: Agreed...It's hard to trust the Emperor just like that.

I actually like that the group isn't immediately assuming that the Empire is their friends. Not that it'll stop future events from occurring, but at least the developers put in an event to make the protagonists not look like dopes.

: We'll stay here and investigate.
: Please do. Leave no stone unturned.
: Right. And you be careful!

So now it's just Locke and Terra. When I was younger, I benched Locke the first chance I got, so he missed out on a large amount of Esper training before this point. Not so much this time.

On the way out, this fellow informs us of the rewards we earned for talking to soldiers and kissing up to the Emperor. Starting from the top, since we got a perfect score:

The soldiers have left South Figaro, so we don't have to smuggle ourselves out in a box anymore.
The soldiers have left Doma, so we can rob it with impunity when we get control of the airship back.
The treasure room in the Imperial Base is now unlocked.
We get another Tintinabar.
And, finally, we get a Charm Bangle.

Charm Bangle: Reduces the chance of getting into a fight by 25%. We'll be getting another relic later that eliminates them entirely, but this is good for now.

We have the chance to chat it up with the rest of the Returners before we leave. A few of them have interesting information/advice.

: ...there and Crescent Island. We'll penetrate the Imperial base. You deal with the Espers.

We'll get right on that, Eddie.

Right as soon as we watch Kefka relieve himself. Eww.

: I don't believe this. *insert laugh* What a bore.

We also couldn't possibly leave the continent without taking advantage of our treasure room privileges. In addition to the Wall Ring, we also get a total of 41000 GP, a pair of RunningShoes, some Cherub Down, another Back Guard, a Cure Ring, an X-Potion, an Ether, and an Elixir.

There's also a hidden Elixir down here and a Flame Sabre in the stove. Licking the boots of celebrities is apparently quite profitable.

If we trek all the way back to the Blackjack, we can also see this scene between Setzer and Cid.

Cid: I'll help! No machine can stump me!
: Don't touch anything!
Cid: Go kill time in the casino! I can speed this crate up!
: You little...! Get outta my sight!
Cid: But I could really make this thing hum...!

In the original Japanese, the thing that sets Setzer off is that Cid suggested removing the casino section from the Blackjack in order to speed it up. Naturally, that sort of thing just doesn't fly with Mr. Gambler.

: Actually, when I was young, there was something that I was mad about...
: ...Huh?
: In my youth I dreamed of having the world's fastest airship.
: You mean...
: At that time there was a young girl who piloted the Falcon, the fastest vessel ever made. Sometimes we were the worst of rivals...but other times we were the best of friends. We always egged each other on to go faster and higher. When she disappeared along with her ship...I felt like I lost my spirit.

This will probably never come up again, so you can safely ignore it.

Normally, the walk back to Albrook would be a considerable pain, but there's a hidden Chocobo Ranch in these woods.

Well, this is awkward.

(Note: If I understand correctly, this is the last time that you can go without naming Shadow. All the other encounters with him that we've seen thus far have been entirely optional.)

: Is something wrong?
: No...
: Our departure isn't until tomorrow. I've arranged some lodging for you.

Celes is apparently still stung a bit by that whole thing where a clown convinced the party that she was a traitor in a few sentences, and I can't rightly blame her. After saying nothing, she runs back into town.

: Celes...

That evening, Locke is naturally a bit restless, so he goes outside.

Music: Celes' Theme

Fortunately, Celes' Theme isn't the new Awakening, so we'll only be hearing it sparsely throughout this LP.

: Celes...come on! Why won't you speak to me! Even if it was just a little...I still doubted you...but I'm still your friend...

: Celes!

You sure know the right words to say, idiot!

Enroute, we're treated to yet ANOTHER moody scene.

Music: Awakening

: Funny, isn't it... I was used by the Empire... even had my thoughts ripped from me...But here I am co-operating with the "enemy"...
: People are people. Not all of us are like Kefka.
: What...what's with you?
: I knew you were being used as kind of a biological weapon...And because I didn't do anything about it, I'm no different than Kefka...

: Of course!
: But...I haven't felt that way yet...
: You're just young,...but I understand what you mean. I understand only too well...

: ...Who's there?

: Did you hear...what we were just talking about?
: I didn't mean to overhear anything.
: Umm...
: I can't help you. You must look within for answers.

: In this world are many like me who've killed their emotions. Don't forget that.

Music: What?

OH FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! Would this scene just end already?

: Not a word of this to anyone, oh shrouded one.

: Celes and I will form one group. Terra, you go with Locke and Shadow. If you spot the Espers, report at once!
: Let's go!

: Umm, I...

Dang, that's cold.

While enroute to our next destination, we take the time to loot these things for the Gaia Gear that would have been helpful a dungeon ago. Note that everyone's invisible. This is handy, because with the exception of one particular monster that's vulnerable to Berserk, everything in this area uses physical attacks.

Music: Thamasa's Theme (who's this Strago person? There's no Strago here!)

Welcome to Thamasa, most definitely NOT the village of magical folks.

See? Even the village Elder says so.

The town may be completely magic-free, but they don't like outsiders, as evidenced by these prices.

Given that there are only three buildings in town that aren't shops, I probably would have found the house anyway, but thanks for the tip.

Well, this is promising. Strago Magus looks like one of those old sage types. A fellow who knows all about monsters will surely-

: Espers? Espers...Hmmm...Not really familiar with that word.
: But you've heard it before?
: Nope, unh unh... Can't say I have. Honestly. Can't say. That I have!

Offscreen Future Party Member: Grandpa!

Music: Relm's Theme

: What in blazes...What're you doing?

This girl takes one look at the party and proceeds to kick her grandfather in the shins. How curious.

Sometimes I think that they should skip these little things until a more poignant moment. The two of them are basically screaming "Will join party soonish!" for no good reason.

Anyway, this is Relm Arrowny, and she tends to get on my nerves.

What an odd thing for a little girl to say, given that this town clearly has no magic in it whatsoever.

: Go to your room!
: I will not! What a fussy old man!
: ...Please...leave us!
: Well...all right.

For some odd reason, Shadow's dog of death has taken a liking to Relm. This also does not hint at anything, and can be safely ignored.

: This is terrible...Sorry.
: No problem. The dog usually doesn't like people, though...
: This is just a back-water village. We can tell you nothing about your Espers...

: Thank you for your time.
: Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful.
: Interceptor, come!

Look around town, eh? Well, I'm sure that there's nothing wrong with the townsfolk. They're just...

Mom: Alright, Cure...

Mom: ...medicine! Where's that cure medicine?
Daughter: Mama, use Cure on me!

...a little bit eccentric.

Kid: FIRE!

Oh, kids and their imagination.

For now, let's take advantage of the inn's sudden reduction in price and turn in for the night. Something interesting is sure to turn up in the morning.

By the way, I forgot to unequip something very important from Shadow before staying at the inn. Can you guess what that might be?

That night, Locke is rudely awakened by being quite literally kicked out of bed.

: This is awful! Relm...she's...
: Relm's in danger?
: Yes! She was at a neighbor's house when a fire broke out! I won't be able to stand it if something happens to her! Please, won't you help?!

Next Time: The revelation that everyone saw coming a mile away