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Part 51: Part the Threeth

Let's Low-Level Run Final Fantasy 6: Part the Threeth

The Narshe Battle

Righto, time to group up and not fight Kefka's troops, because that would mean gaining experience. So let's slap all our best damage dealers in a single group, let Locke/Terra/Celes stand around picking their noses, and Solid Snake our way over to Kefka without encountering a single enemy group, because the Empire is pretty dumb.

Once you reach Kefka, wait for the Rider to pass as far away as possible and dash the last two squares to engage Kefka.

Having bravely "fought" through Kefka's ranks, Gau singlehandedly puts a stop to that wicked clown. After that the other guys beat him up and he runs away having only gently pimp-slapped Cyan and otherwise done nothing of consequence. Well, that was easy.

I certainly wouldn't forget the time a feral child bit me and a king, a samurai, and a bodybuilder shot me with things while I was utterly stymied either. Note the Rider, happily patrolling in front of his boss as we fight him.

Time to group up for the next bit. Sorry guys, but there's really only one party I can choose here.

Soon we'll be able to buy these things, but it's nice to have more, particularly since Edgar will have access to the Flash soon.

This is very important. You will need at least one, but preferably four, Wall Rings before you finish the Opera House segment later.

Also I buy Locke some back-row weapons so he can stop being useless. He's still not getting a spot.

Where Are You Going?

And now, of course, we...

...head through Figaro Cave?

And then climb Mt. Koltz again? Huh?

The Returners are even still in their hideout. Nice invasion there, Imperial Army.

As you might recall, there's actually a passage right here... the Lete River. Hey, what happens if we ride the raft again?

This time for some reason we end up where Sabin washed up rather than by Narshe. Ultros must've diverted the raft the right way after all or something.

Now the rockslide is gone, and you can walk to Nikeah from here. From Nikeah you can still get back to South Figaro by boat, but let's not do that.

Instead, let's grab a chocobo in Nikeah and ride!

You can get all the way from Nikeah to Baren Falls on a chocobo, and jumping the falls puts you back in the Veldt!

I missed some good Rages and there were a couple I couldn't get before, so it's worth a return. First, we'll jump one of the easiest enemies in the game, Dark Wind.

Dark Wind's special is Break, a petrification spell. Against enemies vulnerable to it, it's an instant kill.

Not the formation I wanted, but these Anguiforms are still good. Why?

Their Rage features the ability Aqua Rake, a dual-element Wind-Water attack. It's pretty strong against regular enemies like the Marshal, and even stronger against things weak to Water or Wind, like these Bombs. It also focus-fires like many spells, doing much more damage against just one target.

Can anyone else provide reliable Wind or Water damage right now? Nope. It's all Gau, all the time.

While Primordite alone will see me through a lot of the next few sections if I let it, I want to grab this Rage from those annoying poisoning plants.

Aha! Here's the enemy I wanted: Aspik.

Aspik's Rage is none other than Giga Volt, a 110 base power Electric-element attack. Bolt2's base power is 61, for reference, and Ramuh 50. Bolt3 does beat it... by 10 base power!

So that's pretty badass against anything, really. But what if we slapped two Earrings on Gau and threw him up against something actually weak to Lightning, like Telstar?

Jesus Christ, Gau. What level are you again?