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Part 52: Part the Fourthish

Let's Low-Level Run Final Fantasy 6: Part the Fourthish


Run the hell away from Hades Gigas, but do encounter one for later.

A little Zozo tip: If you Noiseblaster the Gabbledegoks, they'll cast Vanish...

...on you.

With a little luck I got everyone in Vanish status. While in Vanish, all physical attacks will miss, but all magical attacks are guaranteed to hit. Slamdancers will kill us anyway so if we can just avoid them we're golden.

Once we reach Dadaluma, we're still Vanished and ready to take him out with, you guessed it, more spells we shouldn't have right now but do because Gau.

And now for our Empire Infiltration team. While Blastinus's choices of Edgar and Sabin are obvious and good, a LLG actually requires us to take Cyan and Gau in order to absorb some experience. Celes and Locke are real dead weight, but what can we do?

Well, we can try equipping Celes nicely. The Magus Hat and White Dress offer some nice boosts to Magic Power without sacrificing too much defense.

I forgot to get the Chainsaw, so even though I'm not bringing Edgar I figured I'd go get it. This happened. Do not underestimate Slamdancers at any level, let alone a grossly low one.

Back to Jidoor, where Locke strikes a sexy pose after Celes merges with him following the Impresario scene. So we know Setzer will be at the Opera House, that means it's time... go back to the Veldt. Because I can't learn spells anywhere else and I'll be damned if I'm going on without everyone learning spells from all these espers I just got.

While here, Leap our friend Slamdancer and you can use her asshole Ice2 for yourself! By the way this means Gau now has access to Fire2, Bolt2 (and Giga Volt), and Ice2 when Locke is still grinding out Bolt2 himself.

And Leap a Hades Gigas as well. This will teach Magnitude 8, a potent Earth-element attack. There's some advantages to Quake instead, but we can't learn a Rage with that yet.

Well, that was far too much effort.

Opera House

Avoiding the rats in the rafters is incredibly difficult, but possible. They path fast, so you need Sprint Shoes, and need to avoid trapping yourself as I do on the left-side pictures. Once you're in the bottom-right position you should be able to dodge the last rat and get to Ultros.

Perfect! And with time to spare! Now let's fry this calamari and get on to scamming Setzer.