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Part 54: Part the Sixenth

Let's Low-Level Run Final Fantasy 6: Part the Sixenth

Dicking Around With The Blackjack

When we last left our heroes...

Oh right, the Cranes almost killed us. Better go get some free refreshments and fix the party up.

The Blackjack's item shop sells Smoke Bombs, which allow for instant escape from a battle, and Warp Stones, which do the same thing but also warp you out of dungeons and cost more. Both of these are kinda handy as the little love pokes that we get as we retreat start getting meaner and meaner. But I'm not exactly swimming in money.

What I am, however, swimming in is Green Berets, and that translates into cash.

Anyhow, let's roll with Terra/Setzer/Locke/Gau for a bit here.

Now, how 'bout that Intangir trick?

Okay, first thing you want to be sure about is that you've encountered a Rhodox. It's the cute little squirrel thing, available to fight around the time you got to South Figaro. Go Leap it in the Veldt, then grab Gau again and head for Triangle Island.

Meet an Intangir (there's one here, you'll just have to take my word for it) and Rage Rhodox.

Rhodox's special is Snare, which opens a hole and...

Huhn. If I knew digging holes with Gau in the middle of nowhere gave me 10 Magic Points, I'd have him do it more often.

Anyhow, you've seen Snare before. It's one of the moves Mog can do with his Dusk Requiem dance, and Blastinus showed that off wayyyyyyy back when we were protecting Terra from the Narshe Marshal.

Snare is a magic-based instant kill, so of course it's somewhat unsurprising that it works on a Vanished enemy. However, unlike Doom, Snare does not allow the Intangir to retaliate with Meteo. Snare and Doom also check different resistances, but what's important here is that it works on Intangirs. Best of all, it costs no MP, and if Gau doesn't do Snare, he'll physically attack instead, which does nothing since the Intangir is Vanished. He'll eventually kill it for sure at zero risk.

Now let's fly over to this totally inconspicuous island east of the Veldt that we've never been to before getting an airship and which will almost certainly not be important at any time.

We're not going to do anything here except get into some fights.

Specifically with Baskervors. Locke can steal Gaia Gears from them.

Gaia Gear is good to steal even if you aren't in a LLG, as it's a significant Defense increase for most of the people in your party. You definitely want at least four.

By the way, Gaia Gear absorbs Earth. Don't bother to keep this fact in mind because what could I possibly make use of Earth absorption for?

In addition to the Baskervor, fight in the forest until you encounter a Chimera, then it's...

...back on the Veldt, where we find some foes we faced in the Magitek Research Facility. General here is who we want, so Leap him.

Leap some ChickenLips if you encountered them on the southern continent, too. If you didn't, go over there and run from a group of 'em.

Getting the Chimera encounter is hard because it's only in one slot of two groupings and cycling through the entire Veldt is something I have no time for. Now, do you remember how I said you could change the current group's formation by getting into an off-Veldt battle? Now that we have an airship, we can make use of that fact. We can, for example, fly over to this little island and find Doma-region monsters (easier than going over where the Baskervors are), run from them, and reroll the current Veldt formation.

I finally got a Chimera, but man it's tough to kill them.

Whoa three sevens from Setzer! That's Joker Doom, that instantly kills the enemy group! Man, what luck that came up exactly when I needed it. I'm never gonna see that again this run.

Chimera, by the way, is another Aqua Rake Rage. Why use it over Anguiform? No Lightning weakness, and protection from Death effects. It's basically a straight upgrade unless you need to absorb Water.

General is like anti-Templar. Instead of Fire2, it casts Cure2. Same inherent Safe though.

Nice! Now Gau can adopt a defensive/healer role if needed. There are better choices later, but not right now.

Well, okay, I'm lying a little, but I don't want to show off Gau's superior healing option yet.

Got these on my first and third trips into the Auction House.

Anyway, time to learn some spells. Make sure Terra and Locke know Rasp and Osmose. This is not optional. Teaching Terra some better magic is also probably advisable now that you've got her back. Remember to stack an elemental sword, Bard's Hat, and White Dress to jack up her Magic Power. She's competitive with Gau if she's using Earrings and this setup, and superior if you use her new ability. More on that later.