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Part 63: Part the Fiftigth

Let's Low-Level Run Final Fantasy 6: Part the Fiftigth

Getting Strong Now

It's about time I addressed that stupid ninja who denied me my Snow Muffler. While his Shuriken can kill anyone we send in instantly, if he dies in a single attack that won't be an issue. Who can we trust to do this? Why, none other than Shadow with the very Striker he wanted in the first place!

It's a pretty simple thing: Shadow hasn't learned any magic yet, and the AI will never use Throw. This gives Shadow only one thing he can do every single coliseum round: Attack. Striker has a chance of an instant kill. So... keep trying until Shadow one-shots the Outsider.

Snow Muffler's nice. Great elemental resistances and huge defense. Anyone who can use it (well, Mog and Gau, since Umaro can't equip hats or shields) can get to 255 Defense, which means every physical attack that doesn't ignore defense entirely does a grand total of 0 to 1 damage. Needless to say, this is very nice, especially since Mog and Gau don't normally get 129 MBlock%.

Then it's off to Maranda to train Gau and Mog up in spells. I'm gonna need a lot more of these.

So much so that Gau's constant dying to Hoovers makes me return to the Veldt. Evil Oscar over there sadly doesn't use Sour Mouth as his Rage; just Bio. Still, it absorbs every element but Fire, which Gau resists with his setup, so it's a very nice Bio Rage indeed.

Ahhhh, infinite Behemoth Suits. Infinite Snow Mufflers too, but you're never gonna need more than two of either. You're gonna be seeing SrBehemoth a lot though.

Interestingly, I think SrBehemoth here will actually ignore the Back Guard, since there's no other valid formation possible when he comes around. Not sure though, never bothered to try.

That's a pretty significant decrease in incoming physical and magical damage right there.

I've got some more coliseum-ing to do, so let's go... right back near Maranda, only this time not the desert. Mantodeas have Imp Halberds, which have probably been touched on in one of the FF6 threads already. I just want it for betting.

Similarly, you can get Titaniums from TumbleWeeds near Doma. I don't really recommend it.

Betting the Imp Halberd to get a Cat Hood... just slightly easier than betting the Titanium, though. Brachosaurs are immune to Death and thus the Striker trick and cast Disaster and Meteor. Shadow will not survive that.

So I'll have to go grab a second Imp Halberd, since I want the Cat Hood and the thing it bets for.

Cat Hood is Relm-only and bitchin' as an upgrade to the Mystery Veil. Same MBlock% but way better Speed and Magic Power. Also it doubles GP drops. So yeah that's nice.

But let's have  her dad  bet it against whatever our ol' pal Hoover has.

Turns out it's a Merit Award. Blastinus showed off Wind God Gau, which is one of its best uses.

Used on Mog, it can be rather brutal too though. He can't quite get 255 Defense and Magic Defense, but he can get damn close and have near-max MBlock% to boot.

Fanatics Tower

Set yourself up for the Fanatics' Tower. If you're going in the normal way, put Wall Rings on everybody. Bring Ultima (not that it does much, see the bottom there for how much it hurts at lv6). I'm using Terra/Relm/Gau/Mog for several reasons. One, of course, is the Moogle Charm, because I'm not really going to fight everything here. Two is that they have the highest Magic Power, and since Magic is all we can use here... Three is it's actually a good party mix. Two characters with really high MBlock% who are unlikely to get hit, and two characters with 255 Defense who don't care if they are.

Halfway up is the White Dragon. It spams Pearl and Dispels itself if you debuff it. Unless you Mute it, then it spends the whole fight trying to do those things and failing. Or just equip stuff that nullfies Pearl and beat up on him. It has no weaknesses and Edgar can't Debilitate in this tower, so it's kind of boring.

Oh yes, lest I forget, this encounter happens in the Air Anchor room. The Magic Urn will just heal the party, which is nice, but more important is flagging their encounter so Gau can Leap them. Magic Urn has almost all the same features of Intangir, minus perma-Vanish, but also with a healing spell instead of Pep Up. A pretty great defensive Rage.

Up at the top of the tower, that chest looks pretty important so I'll just leave it alone.

But... but I... I didn't take anything!

Yeah, funny thing. The trigger for the boss fight is stepping on the tile in front of the Gem Box chest, not actually opening it.

Set up for pure offense. No Wall Rings, no MBlock%, no nothin'. You won't have to worry about defenses.

The MagiMaster has a hilarious vulnerability to Berserk, causing him to use no magic spells whatsoever. Combine with Phantom and well that's it. You can HP or MP kill him; HP kill means taking an Ultima death counter and thus needing Life3, MP kill just takes forever but will lead to a funny ULTIMA! "No MP" ending. Or be a hoss and beat him with a Palidor summon, keeping several characters in midair and safe from Ultima.

Well, I guess those guys won't be needing this anymore.