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Part 64: Part the Sixtelfth

Let's Low-Level Run Final Fantasy 6: Part the Sixtelfth

Everyone ready for a BOSS RUSH? No? Well fuck you, I'm driving.

Underground Castle

Almost forgot about this one. Also Doma Castle, but fuck Doma Castle so we'll put that place off for now.

How do you know, Terra? Seriously, how did anyone in the party know anything about this place?

Plot holes aside, let's have Gau turn on the Charm and seduce KatanaSoul.

That's kind of overreacting to getting blown a kiss by a dude, but it wins us an Offering!

Which reminds me. I got this thing, might as well use it.

This is a great Woolseyism. Apparently espers can just turn into other espers by "leveling up."

...shit, I just gained a level in a LLG! I've ruined everything!

Anyway there's also a Blue Dragon down here. Bring Strago. He likes to use CleanSweep, a pure-water attack and one of the only ones in the game (at least the SNES version). Sadly, by the time you get it there's not much out there weak to Water but not Wind.

Incidentally, I just feel like pointing this out: Esper bonuses that give you Strength are giving you a stat that doesn't exist in the SNES version. Seriously, go take a look. You see Strength anywhere on Terra's status pane? Who overlooked that?

Fuck it, let's go get that rat-bastard Storm Dragon. Rage used to kill me guaranteed, but here's the thing: It's an unblockable non-elemental magic attack... but it's not defense-ignoring. Mog with a Snow Muffler, Force Shield and Titanium (yes, the imp helmet; it has INSANE Magic Defense) will take relatively little damage from Rage, and Gau can barely survive it. Apply Life3 and enjoy. Or just use the Nightshade Rage. Fuck you, Storm Dragon.

Kefka's Tower Again

Mog's not even really necessary here. Group 3 can get to the last dragon without the aid of any other group. Tricking out this party gives us three guys with near-max MBlock% and a guy with 255 Defense and 230ish Magic Defense.

However, you'll have to fight Inferno along the way. Inferno is an upgraded Number 128, and this fight really shows how far we've come with the aid of WoR-tier MBlock% gear. Most of his attacks don't do a damn thing, leaving us in pretty good shape.

GtBehemoths were one of the inescapable encounters in Kefka's Tower. Land Worms are another. Since they come solo, there's no way to cheese them. Try swapping to another group and getting in a fight, then swapping back, or fight in an area Land Worms don't appear in and dash through their areas.

I sorta made a mistake here which is why I fumble around with the Rage menu. Skull Dragon's not too bad if you have Life3 to deal with his death attacks. His status attacks are blockable; in fact, I think only Elf Fire is unblockable and voiding Fire is pretty easy.

Alright, well, that was kinda fun, but not really all that spectacular. You don't want to see me beating a dragon with max MBlock% and Economizer spell spamming, do you? I wasn't satisfied that I forgot to do my gimmick (because I forgot to learn a Rage) either, so I decided on a do-over. First, we'll Warp out...

SrBehemoth really needs to work on his camo reflex. Anyhoo, in all my excitement to beat SrBehemoth I forgot to Leap him. So do that.

Let's show the Skull Dragon he's a pretty pathetic excuse for the living dead as Gau inexplicably emulates the properties of the undead by pretending he's SrBehemoth. Then he fucking torches a dragon that can literally do nothing to harm him. Not even death moves can stop Gau. In fact, they only make him stronger.

Levels Gained

Odin: ? -> ?+1 and a name change. Apparently this is how you do it, if you're an esper. Say bye-bye, only Speed-boosting esper in the SNES version!