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Part 18: Moghan's Wacky Glitch Adventure

This adventure begins a long time ago, in a city far, far away...

It's possible to trick the game into letting you occupy the same space as an NPC if you enter the menu and exit it again just as you both move towards the same tile. It's a bit of a pain to pull off, but it allows Indy to leave town much earlier than intended, skipping Meryl's recruitment section.

"But," you might say, "Meryl is important! She says words and everything! How can the game possibly progress if she's not around?"

Fortunately, that's exactly what I'm about to show you!

In addition to Meryl herself, this skips the tactical espionage entirely. Depending on your opinion on Meryl, avoiding her may or may not be preferable to the alternative, but regardless, it pretty much sucks for Indy to fight his way through this cave on his own.

...but wait.

Obviously, ghostly voices aside, Indy is alone here and the boss is pretty much set up to force you to use Runic... which we don't have! Thus, we're kind of fucked.

Or at least we would be, if we didn't have diamonds.

The rest of the game proceeds as usual, until...

...what the shit is that?

I never even met Meryl. She is obviously not in my party.

But Meryl is required for this scene.

So the game looks for a party member that's supposed to be here... but isn't.

Instead, we get the next best thing.

"Next best thing" in this case being one of the moogles who helped us in the multi-party fight down in the caves of Narshe.

Stop being a furry Tim

we don't want to see it

Come on, she is small and fuzzy! How dangerous can she possibly... wait, never mind.

Where'd Moghan go?!


Oh, there she is!

Unfortunately, any attempts to change Moghan's equipment will fail, and the existing stuff is awful (a mithril sword and buckler).

She'll have to rely on others to get anywhere.

Still easy.

And so the rest is all just the same as always.

Except we have a moogle instead of Meryl.

It's not easy being a moogle.

She does have a couple of special lines here, though.

This is where things start getting hilarious again.

And of course...

Unfortunately, the game changes Meryl's sprite here...

...and when it changes again, all traces of Moghan's small, fuzzy self are gone forever.

Appearance aside, she's still the same old Moghan, though: crap stats, shitty locked equipment (actually, no equipment now, because Meryl gets unequipped by the plot here and never re-equips), and no special skills.

So yeah, this episode is for educational purposes only and you should not attempt this at home.

And thus, dear reader, ends Moghan's Wacky Glitch Adventure.