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Part 13: Our protagonists are literally teenagers

Chapter 12 - Our protagonists are literally teenagers

The thread voted that Cyan, Setzer, and Mog accompany Terra to have a friendly chat with the espers.

Esper-wise, I focus more on stat boosts than gaining magic. Mog gets Shoat for +2 Magic, Setzer enjoys Seraph's HP/MP boosts, Terra enjoys Carbunkl's Magic and Stamina boosts, and of course Cyan gets Bismark's +2 Vigor because he's Cyan.

No Atma Weapon here (at least I hope I didn't miss it here), but still a few new treasures. Demonsbane is a dagger that does Holy damage in addition to evasion, vigor, and speed boosts. Very handy for this dungeon, and a weapon Setzer can put to good use here.

Almost all the enemies are undead.

Cyan's Mindblow does a set 500MP damage in a dungeon where all enemies have 500MP. Reminder that in this hack, undead enemies die when they run out of MP.

So yeah, Cyan's probably the best character to have here, as he can OHKO the majority of enemies here.

Anyway, Apparitions can inflict Imp and cast Quartr on the party. Fortunately, Setzer's Go Fish fail can heal pretty solid damage for free, so he's a huge boon here.

There's still the alternating bridge puzzle. Meh.

This katana still randomly casts Wind Slash, of course.

Wights can cast Blaze. inflicting Berserk. Antares are the only enemies here not undead, though they are weak to water.

And Mog is fantastic for dealing with them with his water-elemental Trident. Terra's actually the weakest member of my party for the time being.

Yawn, more undead for Cyan to laugh at.

Here's a funny instance of Zombie Cyan attacking Mog, only for Wind Slash to save his ass.

Mog's chances of triggering a dance outside of the chosen terrain depend on his Stamina, plus they boost his healing dances.

Cyan picks up a new SwordTech, Dragon. Not too shabby.

Ninja's still tough, though the back attack doesn't really help. All sorts of skeans and weapon throws.

And of course Vanish, though that's his mistake there.

Moving on.

Instead of the Atma Weapon, we get the Blood Sword, which probably isn't as bad as it used to be. I say probably, since I'm obviously not using the thing in this dungeon of all places.

Phoenix Tears are rare items that revive a person to half their health rather than the Down's 1/16 or the Life spell's 1/4.

Skipping a bunch of pointless mazes and random battles, here's the Sealed Gate.

How are we supposed to do that, kupo?
This may be crazy, but I've got an idea!

I must say, that is a brilliant plan.

Note: This plan goes poorly.

I mean, what's the worst that can happen?


Right, I'm going with my own party for the next tiny bit since it doesn't affect much.

Why not?

Nice plan, Banon. You really thought that one through.

Anyway, after watching his capital get its shit wrecked by magical beasts, Gestahl's had enough of this shit.

The Emperor's really sorry about how everything fell out, aren't you?
Huh? Oh, sure, whatever.

...Nobody likes you, Cid. Oh yeah, you guys should beat up some of my men before dinner or something.

Even though I faff about a bit, I still manage to get all 24 before time is up.

Nobody invited you.

Anyway, the dialogue changes are minor, and everything still works the same way as the original with your responses scoring you magical points that gets you free stuff. I busted out my trusty old Nintendo Power guide and walked my way through it.

Centurions are kinda nasty, with powerful counters and innate Reflect. My first time fighting them, both parties ended up dying.

Also, Cyan's Dispatch with the Power Glove? Freaking awesome.

Anyway, Terra and Locke are off to find espers in Thamasa.

Oh yeah, our rewards. The event flags are still the same (South Figaro liberated, then Doma, then the east Imperial Base).

Our rewards now are another Life Bell and Black Belt. A second Life Bell should be handy, at least.

I think it's a marvelous idea!
Why is this guy in charge again?
Better he get assassinated than us.

Anyway, let's do the Setzer scene before we go.

I'm only trying to help...
Go help alone in the wilderness.

It'd be a bit lame if not for the fact that it's directed at one of the lamer Cids in the series.

Anyway, this easily-missed scene gives us insight on Setzer's backstory.

Of course, this pretty much is his entire backstory because FF6 only has time for like a couple lines per character for most of the cast.

Lots of restoratives and skeans, but the only two major grabs here are the Wall Ring (+10 Magic Defense, auto-Shell) and Reflect Ring (+10 Magic Block, auto-Reflect).

Anyway, we're here, and Leo is there.


What the hell was that about?

Though if you try to bring me into your crazy schemes again, I'll make no promises I won't try.



Skipping ahead.

Yeah. Funny I'm once again working for the people who brainwashed me.

Most of us are even sane. Though I guess I'm also a monster for standing by doing nothing about it.
But you're the honorable decent human being General Leo! Someone as awesome as you can do no wrong!
Yeah, I know.


(Holy shit, this is getting awkward. Gotta think of a way out of this...)

(There we go. Just keep walking...)

Hey, where'd he go?

Got tired of listening to that vagrant whine about being seasick.


Also consider doing that. Please.
Maybe I can talk to Celes, or the random soldiers, or Interceptor...

No amount of money is worth this.

I could dispose of the body easily out here, but then they'll notice his absence... Nah, I'll do it out in the wilderness. Say he was slain by a beast. That would be best.


Thank you.

...just one quick swipe at his throat while he's not looking, and... Oh, I'm coming.

...This is the dumbest mission I've ever been a part of.