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by Mega64

Part 17: Let's kill Cid

Chapter 16 - Let's kill Cid

...what the hell.

Wasn't expecting that today.

A year? But how...
I wouldn't think too hard about it. Though I would suggest taking a bath if the water didn't make you stink worse.

Actually, you'd be surprised how easy it is to take care of somebody in a coma.
But this doesn't make any sense.
As I said, don't think about it.

It was like I fought this thing with powerful magic that I was immune to, and then I blathered on about how I wasn't human like a depressed teenager.
Good thing it was just a dream, then.

Wait...the world really was destroyed? I thought that was part of the dream, too!

As I said, small deserted island. The only other people were nobodies, and they were too enamored with the trampoline out back to remember to eat.
...There's a trampoline?
Yeah, it washed up a couple days after the world exploded. People liked jumping off the nearby cliff to see how high they can jump, but then they'd inevitably kill themselves doing it.
Sounds cool!
Oh yeah, and the planet's dying.
That's less cool.

Family, huh...

(Hmmm... coughing like that must mean...he's hungry!)

Huh? Oh, yeah, sure.
I'll find something to eat for you.

Fish thing is still the same. Feed Cid "good" fish to save him and "bad" fish to kill him. I'm gonna kill him first and then let him live in the actual game because I want Cid to suffer alone on an island with bad-tasting fish and zombie skeletons.

Like so. These guys are a bit too hard-hitting for Celes to handle.

Peepers still die easily to bring home the "everything's dying" theme, though they also don't mind doing large damage and inflicting muddle and dark on you while they wait to die.

Anyway, let's feed Cid.

Here you go, Gramps!
Thank you... ACK! COUGH COUGH
Do you like it?
(Urgh...this stuff is horrible.) Uhhh...yes. *hack*
Great! I'll get some more!
(Crap! Guess my only way to get rid of her is to fake my own death.)

Ohhh...this cruel world! I can't live here anymore! Goodbye!

(...Wait a minute, how am I going to convince her I'm dead? I need to get rid of her somehow...)

I'm alone...nobody left. I guess I have no choice...

If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting!

And so Celes became a zombie.

[...and tried to see how high they could bounce! It was fun until they all missed the landing.]

And the man who promised to protect me is no longer protecting me, because he said he'd do it until the end of the world, and it's now the end of the world.

I know Cid said not to, but I don't care anymore...



Ow... I'm lucky I didn't break my neck.

Was it Locke? Is that Locke's bandana? Hey bird, why aren't you answering my questions?

And did I hit my head too hard when I missed the trampoline?

A note? But how did it...
(Oh crap, please work please work ple-)

Oh, neat!

And so Cid faked his own death to get Celes to leave.

But that's the Renegade path. Now let's take the Paragon path and feed him good fish.

This fish is actually not horrible! You have a real eye for finding decent-tasting fish. I mean, it'd be better if you cooked it first, but still.

Happy birthday!
Oh, Gramps! You shouldn't have!

Cool! Let's go!

Besides, I'd rather be alone. Everyone always makes fun of my coat when I go out.

And so long as they don't make fun of my coat.

And now Cid will spend the rest of his life alone on a deserted island until he goes insane. Happy ending!

Now for the game proper. First, Albrook.

Lots of talk about Kefka, the dragons, Doom Gaze, all that stuff. Here's some new stuff instead.

Nothing new in the armor shop. Rising Sun is the next boomerang upgrade, while the Kusarigama is the ultimate flail. The Back Guard still prevents Pincir/Back attacks while boosting both defenses and both evasions. The Gale Hairpin boosts pre-emptive attacks still, but now it's female-only equipment that gives a 20-point magic block boost and Speed/Magic bonuses.

Next up, Tzen to get Sabin. But first, we have to get there, and that's kinda difficult when the enemies hit hard.

So I just boost Celes's evasion up, which works out well enough.

Ice2 also works well.


Do you have anything that would help me kill things better? Don't worry, I've got time to kill.

Power Armor is Gold Armor with worse defenses, but with Vigor and Stamina boosts rather than a speed penalty, and without the Gold Armor's water resistance. Also, the weapon shop now sells Hell Claws.

But I still need to do shopping!
Just steal everything in the house instead!
Works for me!

The monsters aren't that exciting. Ice 2 will take care of them.

Auto-Berserk, no other stat boosts.

I actually forgot to pick up the chest on the left. Oops.

What are you doing?
Flexing. It's what I do.
Anyway, we still need to find everyone else.

And so we'll end the update with a couple more NPC lines.

Next time, the world's still destroyed. Also, children.