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Part 18: Now back to our regularly-scheduled suplexing

Chapter 17 - Now back to our regularly-scheduled suplexing

Off to Mobliz now to do the Terra side-quest and get our first WoR esper.

Komodos can inflict poison or petrification. They'll also inflict a stop attack upon death, which is useless if it's the last one to die. Inflicting muddle on it through Suplex lets it do these nasty attacks to the enemy side.

While a lot of WoR towns are simply the same with a new color palette, Mobliz has definitely seen better days.

Anyway, Terra's watching after the kids because why not.

Also, I get the feeling we should probably use Runic against Phunbaba.

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday...

For once, people depended on me that weren't self-serving philosophical twits. Oh, no offense to you guys.

Also, these guys would be pretty screwed without me.
Good enough. I can do your job anyway. Come on, Sabin, let's see if we can find the moogle or the kid raised by monsters.

What lousy timing. Whatever, shouldn't be a problem.

Let's see what you've got!

...Time to change tactics. I think instead I'll-


Phunbaba is weak to Fire now, something we can't really take advantage of other than Sabin's fire-claws. Even then, his blitzes still do more damage.

Phunbaba will use Bolt2 for pretty beefy damage. Still, I didn't bother too much with Runic this fight, instead opting for Regen and healing.

And since it's been awhile, here's Sabin suplexing a guy much beefier than him.

Phunbaba, clearly scared of Sabin, runs away in fear.

No kidding. That guy wasn't even that hard.
That was because I did all the work.

Plus half my bones are broken.

Too late, kid.

The WoR changes things around a bit, as instead of Fenrir we get Palidor instead.

Name: Palidor
Characters: Edgar, Mog
Stat Boosts: Vigor +1/Speed +1
Spells: Float (10), Slow (4), SlowX (2)

SlowX is basically Slow2, i.e. Slow on an entire enemy group. Otherwise, Palidor is fittingly assigned to the two dragoon characters, though we'll have to wait to get Edgar before we can put this baby to good use.

Anyway, on to Nikeah. I thought there was a Chocobo Forest around here, but I either didn't find it, it got removed, or I was wrong. Whatever.

Here, have some enemies.

Nikeah's in pretty good shape, considering.

Some new dialogue, nothing we haven't seen before in the original game though.

Nikeah's the first place with Diamond Gear, which halves Bolt damage. The Vest is the Gold Armor, except it trades five magic defense for ten Evade and kills the speed penalty. The shield's a shield, a direct upgrade for those who use the heavier shields.

The Light Robe is a solid mage armor upgrade for Terra/Celes/Strago/Gogo, while the Dark Gear gives a hefty 20 Evade among other bonuses to its users, Locke/Sabin/Gau/Shadow. Both are solid options for Celes and Sabin respectively, so I blow most my money on one of each.

Now to meet this "Gerad."

It's Gerad.

Don't play dumb, you idiot. Your new name is literally your old name jumbled up. Even your clothes are the same with a bad dye job.


I liked that little exchange.

On to South Figaro.

The sailors don't care that you smuggled on the boat, but then again it's usually been free travel anyway. I guess Edgar financed the sea travel through the royal budget or something.

South Figaro definitely seems in better shape than other cities.

Though the townspeople have kinda lost their minds.

The Fire Lance is kinda self-explanatory.

As are the Diamond Helm and Mail, really. The Helm is only a slight upgrade, though, so not really worth the money.

Duncan's not dead, so we'll visit him later.

And there's still this thing.

Time for more plot stuff.

You can drop the shtick now that we're alone.

And don't you even think of following us into the nearby cave to the west of Figaro!
Give it up, Celes. He's obviously not Edgar.

And with that, we're off to Figaro Cave.

Thanks, fake Siegfried.

Hunters can use tonics and throw spears at people.

They hurt.

Hey, so did Edgar! I can sorta see now why you thought that guy was Edgar.

That poor turtle.

And that's the last we see of Ziegfried. No clue what the point of him being there even was.

And we're back at Figaro! But since we're underground, all we can go is the engine room.

Picked up a Reflect Ring. 10 Magic Evade and auto-Reflect.

Other than Figaro Cave enemies, there's Robots. They will cast Raid, and the last one alive will use Exploder, though fortunately only a single-target version.

This helmet has high magic defenses while having a chance to do another jump like the Dragon Horn of the old game. Edgar/Mog/Gogo only, of course.

It's covered in tentacles.

Wait a minute, Gerad! How did you know her name?
Sabin, shut up and beat up some tentacles.
Will do!

The Tentacles are still a bit of a pain. Each has its own weakness and absorption.

Edgar's a bit underleveled at this point, plus he's auto-equipped, so he's not as useful as Celes or Sabin this fight.

Inflicting seizure on the tentacles is a good idea since chances are you'll be healing more often than attacking.

The tentacles will still grab characters and drain their HP.

Grab inflicts Slow, which is really nasty for this fight. Celes spends a lot of time casting Haste just to nullify it.

The bottom-left one likes to cast Raid, though since I haven't really damaged it any it doesn't do much.

The other tentacles will throw all sorts of spells, though mostly L1 ones that don't hurt much.

Seizure does its thing for this fight.

And of course, Sabin suplexes a tentacle because that's a thing that can happen.

I believe the last tentacle will start throwing L2 spells. In this case, the poison tentacle throws Bio.

And then Edgar chainsaws the tentacle to death.

So you pretended to be a bandit without actually changing your appearance and conned your way into being their boss?

I, of course, knew you were my brother all along.

Can we deal with this later? We've still got those bandits to worry about.

Aren't you gonna stop them?

Now we've got Edgar back.

Same power as the Blood Sword, randomly casts Osmose. Very nifty for Celes and Terra.

I go ahead and make my way to Kohligen because why not.


Yeah, sounds like a good plan for me, too.

So we'll finish up the introductory part of the WoR next time, and probably get a couple of the smaller sidequests out of the way.