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Part 21: Owzer the goon

Chapter 20 - Owzer the goon

Oh Cyan, how I missed your insane physical attacks.

Rolling Cyan/Terra/Edgar/Gau for now since they're the most underleveled.

So several people mentioned in the thread that I should check out Kefka's Tower right now, so let's get to that.

Yeah, but ramming sounds like the more fun option.

And what makes you think that?
I dunno.

So yeah, now we have to find Terra's pendant to access Kefka's Tower. Which...uh, OK.

If we try again...

I'm sure it'll come up at some point in our adventures.

Anyway, up next is Shadow. This time, I'm patient enough to pick up a few rages I didn't get yet.

One of the rages I picked up for Gau is the Dragon from the Floating Continent. The 1/3 attack is Glare, inflicting petrification. Nifty when it works. The other attack is just a physical attack that does 4x damage, basically being Gau's new answer to Catscratch, kinda-sorta. The damage isn't that great compared to the rest of the party that gets Vigor-boosting espers and equipment, but the rest of the party also isn't as blindingly fast as Gau in spamming that damage.

The Manticore's a bit of a pain, spamming stuff like Aqua Rake and a berserk-inflicting physical counter.

I almost wipe, but then I trigger the rare limit break. In case you didn't know, if a character's near-fatal, enough time has passed in the battle, and that character uses a physical attack, there's a small chance they may trigger their limit break. Everyone has one except Gau and Umaro, and each one is different and can do different things.

And this is true of the original game. Doesn't look like the hack changed it too much, probably because these things are rare and unreliable to begin with.

More bears. They like to use Lode Stone to throw rocks at characters.

In the original, the Rage Belt let Umaro toss other people. This thing doesn't boost any stats, and it's not really obvious how it benefits Gau besides nullifying lightning damage. Open invitation to the thread to tell me what this thing does, because I'm clueless.

Terra picks up Fire 3, which ends up being huge here since the mini-boss and the boss are both weak to Fire.

The Bonelord is undead.

I don't see much of what it does because Terra burns it up so quickly.

Bolt-elemental, randomly casts Stop. Boosts Vigor by 7 and Speed by 5. This is Sabin's strongest claw.

The Basilisks can inflict petrification, which the Clucks can do big damage with Quake.

Another insta-kill ninja blade.

This guy gave be a good bit of trouble. Between Edgar and Cyan's offenses and Terra's Fire 3, damaging him isn't a big deal.

No, the big deal is not dying. His physical hits hard, but it's just single-target.

The problem is that Tiamat loves countering attacks with Meteo, which is pretty nasty. Well, except for Terra usually, since her MBlock is pretty decent.

He'll also cast Flare, which can hurt Cyan and Gau quite a bit since they aren't magic tanks the way Terra and Edgar are.

And like in the original, once Tiamat goes down, the undead Tiamat-Z pops up. This iteration is weak to fire, which is great.

Otherwise, it's simply a more ruthless version of Tiamat that can also cast Bio.

Terra can score some nice damage, though!

Despite switching Gau to Rerise spamming through Conjurer, Tiamat Z still overwhelms my party. I try a couple of things before my fourth attempt, leading to this:

82 MBlock on Terra. Since the worst thing about Tiamat is Meteo, being able to dodge it often is a handy trick to have.

And just for fun, let's Morph her.

Though she's still vulnerable to the random physical, of course.

But it pays off against Meteo.

And eventually Tiamat Z pops up and I burn the fucker to re-death.

(I like the girl because she cuddles me, but I want to go on an adventure like you! We could have all sorts of fun together!)

(I wish you'd stop risking your life over stupid things, you fool. It's tiring work rescuing you constantly.)

We just have to leave and re-enter Thamasa to trigger Shadow moving on. But first, shopping!

Identical power, Magic boost (five points), and MBlock (+10%). Only difference is one cast Holy, and the other casts Doom. I'll let you figure out which does which.

Oath Veil is a Mystery Veil upgrade, also boosting the chances of weapon spells triggering. Handy if you're still using the Blood Sword/Soul Sabre. The Circlet has the same defenses and stat boosts, but boosts MP by 50% instead, and also can be equipped by Strago, Mog, and Gogo as well.

To the colosseum!

Anyway, you know the deal. Gotta bet the Striker we got from the Veldt Cave to recruit Shadow.

I send Gau to fight for laughs.

Unfortunately, I lost the Striker and get a stupid Ninja Star instead.

Just as long as the guy in the blue bandanna isn't around.

New party. Terra's a bit above Celes now, so I'm swapping the two. While Gau's still underleveled, he and Shadow both want Fenrir, so I swap in Shadow to give him a bit of time to build up.

The colosseum's still the same, though obviously the hack changes what items you may get for certain items. For instance, betting crap gets you nothing but a date with Chupon.

But if we bet our Atma Weapon? We have a chance at the Omega Weapon, which is an Atma Weapon that also boosts all stats by 7. Of course, we have to beat the legit Siegfried to do it, so I'm holding off for now.

Other stuff I messed around with (didn't actually get any of these, just checking):

* Frostgore -> Stormfang, giving you two of the strongest claw.
* Tarot -> Heiji's Coin, which gives Gil Toss. I guess if there's a second one, you can have Setzer and Gogo use one each.
* Cat Hood -> Ninja Mask, giving a second Ninja Mask if you want both Locke and Shadow with one (though it's kinda lackluster now, plus it's kinda dumb to have a counter-attack property for two characters who don't want to be hit in the first place).
* Rogue Cloak -> Muscle Belt, which boosts both HP and physical damage by 25%, and also defense by 20. I could certainly put that to good use.
* Rage Belt -> Blizzard Orb, like the original.
* Red Cap -> Dragon Helm, great if you want both Mog and Edgar to be jumping (and to benefit from the helmet's massive 40 Magic Defense).
* Memento Ring -> Phoenix Tear, which is kind of a rip-off.

The one item I actually got was the HappyFunBall.

It helps that all Magic Pot does is cast Evil Toot, giving random status effects. Shadow still killed himself, though. Otherwise, Magic Pot will run out of MP quickly and do nothing while your character takes forever to cut through its high evasion to kill it.

And the end result?

Happy fun!

We'll play around some more once I get more loot. For now, let's get Relm over at Jidoor.

Jidoor doesn't really have any new items. You can now buy more of Shadow's ninja blades, and I do buy a Dark Hood to boost Shadow's evade.

If not for the Memento Ring that I have equipped to learn Rerise, Shadow could literally have 104 evade right now.

First, some late-night reading.

So Owzer's...a bit more obsessed this go-around.

Uh, OK.

Nightshades have auto-Regen and Virite, a nasty attack that can poison everyone.

Dahlings cast a pathetically weak Cure 3. They can also throw Rasp at you.

Souldancer uses L2 spells, including Cure2, but also Sleep. Wild Cats like to use Fireball. Eagles like Wind Slash.

These items all suck. For a rich guy, Owzer sure has crap loot.

Kind of a joke as well. Can use Condemn, but meh.

Anyway, I'm going to quote the entirety of the Owzer/Relm dialogue since I love it so much.

Sure... whatever.

Relm, no! You mustn't attack the painting! Aim only for the demon!
...and how am I supposed to do THAT?

Oh, blow it out your ass. Your body is a fucking canvas. You can't even move. Idiot.

So this boss alternates between the Fire/Water-weak Lakshmi...

...and the Holy-weak Chadarnook.

Chadarnook likes to use bolt spells like Bolt 2 and Flash Rain.

After this first back-and-forth, both forms start spamming Death Kiss as a counter.

It lives up to its name.

Fortunately, Shadow has the holy-elemental Demonsbane to help with damage when he's not casting Haste. Otherwise, Celes heals, the rest carve the guy up into pieces.

Simple stuff.

You're pretty god-damn pathetic, you know that?

So some reclusive fat guy becomes obsessed by an image of pure beauty and can't let go of it.
Sounds like an interesting guy to me. Let's have him join our crew.

Yeah, maybe we should do you a favor and take it away.

Name: Starlet
Characters: Setzer, Relm
Stat Boosts: Stamina +2
Spells: Remedy (5), Cure 3 (4), RegenX (2)

Gives Setzer some more great healing spells, and now lets Relm serve as a healer for once outside her brushes. The Stamina helps with the healing from Remedy and RegenX as well.

And so we leave Owzer to wallow alone.

Since we have Relm, we can now get Strago as well.

And with that, Strago's back on the team.

Vote for our next two missions.