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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 1

FF III, same thing...

FF6 is my favorite game of all time. Nothing has ever topped it. It's been a decent amount of time since I've played it, so with an ample amount of free time this winter break, I've decided to play it.

"Let's Play ____" threads are always fun too. I figure if the interest is there, then I'll play with some of you guys too. I always find the interaction and involvement, as well as the discussion of how great the game is, to be very enjoyable. So hopefully, enough of you will be interested to make this worth while.

Here are some guidelines I'm setting.

1. Discussion of how awesome Final Fantasy 6 is highly encouraged. If you don't like this game, then obviously you are in the wrong thread.

2. One of my favorite parts of these threads are people "claiming" characters; i.e., they call a character to "repsresent" them, and they get to choose the name as well. Because I want to discourage everyone dibbing a character at the start, then never coming back, I will do it in this odd manner: When it comes time to name a new character, I will post a screenshot of that neat introduction screen. The first person to reply after that post, stating their intent, gets the character! Seems fair I think.

3. Character Usage: Because FF6 graces us with 14 awesome characters, I have many options as to who I used in my active party. When more than 4 choices are available, I will choose the top characters based on participation in the thread by the person who claimed them. For example, if "poster x" calls Terra, and posts ferquently, then Terra will often be in the party. And if "poster z" calls Sabin, but never posts after that, then it looks like I'll never be able to use my favorite character . So you better post more than once, or I just might not find you in the World of Ruin! I think this will add some fun for me and for others, as they will be encouraged to stay involved, and I could end up with some interesting parties. Just make sure posts are always worthwhile and not just one word or emoticon replies.

4. Any decisions in the game, like which scenario to do etc, will also be chosen by you.

5. I might be mainly a night owl with this, but I'll try my best to update during the day as well.

I hope this goes well and that at least 14 people are interested, haha.

So let's get going!