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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 29

So we go into Vector, and sneak into the Magitek Factory, aka the badass music building.

Oh noes, Kefka!

Sweet more magicite.

Sweet, MORE magicite, AND Cid.

Oh no him again

He acuses Rachel of being a traitor, and THIEF almost believes it!

Rachel sacrifices herself to proove her loyalty.

THIEF feels like shit, as he should.

Cid realizes the error of his ways and helps us escape...

Via the graphical prowless of the mine cart!

We make it out, but Kefka tries to stop us.

His cranes are no match for us though.

Now back to Zozo to check on Geh.

Wow how convenient!

So in the esper world her pops Maduin picks up this human chick.

that's probably not too important...

Can humans and espers coexist?

Wow did we just watch that?

Well now that we know how babies are made, its back to Narshe.