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Part 47

Hmmm, so many choices... well a fish is a fish, right?

I wonder if she even cooked it..

Haha, I get it. The meal was SO good that Cid doesn't think he could bare another. Haha, you're so funny, Granddad.

Rachel goes out fetches another, but when she returns, Cid doesn't respond...

Unfortunately, the mighty Cid was not joking. Rachel is a terrible cook. Distraught with the realization that she has killed her Granddad with her poor cooking abilities, she runs up to a hill on the northern part of the island to think about what she's done...

Now that's not something a girl who can't cook a decent meal needs to hear.

And now her body has washed ashore

Yeah you jerk bird, did she ask!?

And he just flies off without answering! What an ass!

Inside, it seems the dead Cid wrote her a letter.

And sure enough, near the stove were some invisible stairs that led to a basement with a secret raft. I guess since you got sick you couldn't sneak away, huh Cid?

Once again Rachel washes ashore... but this time on purpose, ready to find her love...