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Part 48

Yeah wouldn't it have been nuts if the game just ended right there if you messed up?


It seriously took me over 50 fishing trips to save this old turd. You guys better be happy.

This time Rachel was sure to pay attention to the fish she caught, making sure to avoid the gimp ones, despite their easiness to catch.

She would notice Cid always coming in from working. Maybe that's why he's always sick.

Gradually (and dear god do I mean gradually) Cid's health got better and better. Soon, he was even up walking around (not in secrecy)

He unlocks this door that Rachel never noticed before. Below we see a mighty boat. It's amazing that he finished it in only one year.

Honestly, he just can't stand her cooking anymore.

"So I can cut his hands off!"

And Rachel sails off, anxious to find her companions.