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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 50

Before leaving I rip off an esper from this guy.

Then I have a left on the surfaced serpent trench (how a trench surfaces is beyond me) and go to Nikeah.

This guy looks familiar...

Nope, he claims to be "Geoff." (I liked Gerad a lot better, even though its not much of a name, it made some sense)

Uh oh, almost gave yourself away there.

Good save, Bean...I mean Gerad... I mean Geoff... I mean Bean.

We sneak on the ship and go to South Figaro, where the guy still pretends not to know us. What a jerk.

We travel to our very well known cave, where Sigfried offers to clean things up for us. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of monsters, and he steals some treasure later. Man what a jerk. Well this time I decide to open up the chests I neglected the first few times though.

It seems they hop on this poor turtle to get across the water.

This brings us to the jail of Figaro castle.

We get to the bottom of the engine room that we were previously unable to enter, and see that the engines are being overrun with tentacles.

It is Bean! Bean fends off the tentacle rape with his mighty chainsaw.

Unfortunately, all the thieves escape, but apparently that's ok.

I go into the treasure room anyway, and it seems the theives forgot to check the conspicuously placed statue. Silly thieves.

And to Kohlingen we go!

(Where is everybody?)