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Part 54

We go and investigate this cave in the Veldt. Some thieves talk about this weird boy that only approaches you if you "reduce the number of people in your party." No clue.

Hey I remember you!

This might come in handy...

Yes, look at them. Touch them a little...


But we win, and take him to Thamasa, of all places. While there, he has a nightmare! Oh Cletus, you and your nightmares.


Well now he's safe and resting. We come back to check on him...

Cletus ran away? What a suprise!

Who wants to beat him up and win his companionship?

- I'm doing recovery by whoever is around at the time, which means we cant get Santa until we get that whore, Glitch. Sorry Kag

Edit: He restored and preserved the ship after it crashed.