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Part 57

She says she knew it wasnt her real boyfriend, she just didn't want to admit it. But she wishes she could meet who wrote them. Then Blast steps in front, and tells her she should just look forward and move on, she has a future. Then the girl says, "you're right, I have a future!" Then Blast switches the letters if you choose to do so, though I don't know if it has any effect.

To Mobliz.

Oh no, dogs!

Do you know who you're talking to buddy?

Turns out that freak Geh has been taking care of these kids. Ah, they'll be fine, lets go.


Oh no! Too bad we just left.

Ok maybe she has lost the fight in her...

But of course, we come back and save the day.

You can say that again!

She needs time, so time we will give her.

Also I think I might go get Mog first so I don't have to fight battles when getting the rest of these people, which means I just might run into someone else...