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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 74

We wake up from a nice nap at Doma, but Blast is still sound asleep!

these guys show up, and jump into Blast's head! Well we surely must follow.

So this is what its like to be in a dream...

Big V gathers the other two and heads for the stooges.

Yes, let's.

Ah crap, two people are petrified, leaving only Mr. T, who I can't control, left to fight. Better load state, right?

Hahaha, he did it!

Next we're reliving one of Blast's worst memories, the Phantom Train. Its a bit different and there are more puzzles, but we make it through.

Now Blast is running from soldiers. This place is weird, you have to go backwards to proceed. I forgot about that at first.

Now we're back...or are we?

Who's there?

Well let's go stomp this guy!

Well we send that guy to another zone, no problem.

Welcome be to you.