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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 78

Beam me up, Kefka!

Rather than, I don't know, using that knowledge to try and stop us from ending his evil reign?

I really don't think an "I want to destroy everything villain" has been pulled off much better than Kefka.

But people will keep rebuilding and surviving, Kefka!

Good point, Geh. Let's see what Kefka thinks of that one.

I don't think he bought it.

Yeah they have!

Pedophilic love!

What family is this????

Too bad he doesn't care enough to be here to help !

Cool maybe you can introduce us to them.

I'm going to call my girlfriend and tell her I uwaooo her.

Hey shutup meanie

Kefka makes us shutup by burning some water.

Man I think he has a point. We probably should leave.

He's so evil. I love it. Best villian ever for sure.

He's on a roll. There's no stopping him.

Oh no don't hurt the fish! Cid might starve.

So what order? I'm looking at either postcount order, or reverse postcount order. I'll be healing only when absolutely necessary, so people will die and others can cycle in. That's why I'm leaning towards reverse order I think, so we can end up with the top four against Kefka.