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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 80

Kefka descends from above as a winged angel of death, ready to deliver destruction to the heroes that await him.

Kefka gets things started off hot, with an evil pre-fight speech, followed by a crippling attack that leaves the for near death.

Cletus throws more deadly halberds, piercing Kefka for immense pain.

Big V dances around Kefka, pummling all sides of him mercilessly.

Santa begins delivering presents of special double packages of Ultima.

Mr. T channels the powers of the mighty Behemoth and hits with not only punishing physical blows, but with meteors from space as well.

Kefka seems to be getting a littl peeved, and makes the screen shake a lot.

Cletus takes it upon himself to get the group back to fighting strength by offering some of his mother's home brewed moonshine. It definitely is effective.

Kefka unleashes a powerful attack, but the party is still going.

They fight on, and finally...

Kefka falls! And who is there standing strong in the face of Kefka after delivering the final blow? Why, none other than the mighty Santa, proving wrong all of those who never believed in him...