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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 82

The final chapter of our story...

Good ol' Blast. He has one of the best stories of the game in my opinion. I used him a lot more than I usually do thanks to the LiquidNasty and crank. If you read this, Liquid, I want you to know that for the most part I honored one of your requests and had Blast equiped with Bismark and its +2 Strength the whole time.

Setzer is a pretty neat character. He's not incredibly deep, but still interesting. The naming fiasco with Setzer is definitely one of my favorite parts of the tread.

I always interpreted what happened here was that Setzer throws the coin and it bounces left, thus they would go left. Then he decides he has a bad feeling about it and goes against it.

The coolest brothers in video game history.

Big V holds up a heavy beam like the hoss he is, then explains just how awesome he is.