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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 83

Everyone's favorite little Moogle, JazzyJ! I didn't use him for his Moogle Charm as much as I usually would have, due to my stange desire to actually fight (thanks to the revolving parties).

Poor JazzyJ, in pain while Bean just laughs at him. Hey you cost us a Gold Hairpin, buddy!

TUPAC. He fought hard when he was with us. I never got around to playing with the totally uncontrollable party.

Man, how would they have made it out if we had never picked up TUPAC??

TUPAC and BIGGIE have to be one of the best naming tandems of all time. I didn't use BIGGIE that much, unfortunately, and when I did he was pretty bad thanks to Jamesman's awful ability selections, haha.

For some reason, BIGGIE falls down this hole after successfully moving the platform. That's what you get for miming!