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Part 28: It's a Bossa time

Chapter 28 - It's a Bossa time

Today we're gonna explore the beaches of Costa Del Sol Rio de Janeiro.

So let's pretend that immediately after leaving the boat, Cloud and his friends arrive at Copacabana Beach.

Copacabana might be one of the most famous, if not the single most famous places in Rio. No matter where you are or how far you are from it, there's a post sign indicating its direction.

The name Copacabana actually derives from the building of a chapel containing a replica of the Patron of Copacabana, a Bolivian patron saint, which is Patron of, well, the city of Copacabana, in Bolivia:

The city by itself is named after the Aymaran word Kotakahuana, which means "Shore view".

If you have a hardon for fireworks, you might enjoy the new years eve in Rio.

Moving down you can see Copacabana's Stronghold. If you look closely you'll see some cannons in it. Although they're not a huge single cannon that would collapse on its own weight, it's still pretty cool.

That's exactly what I think every single fucking summer.

The music from Costa Del Sol is actually a very nice and smooth Bossa Nova. Bossa Nova is a Brazilian-borne type of Jazz mixed with Samba. Its origin dates in late 50s.

The most famous Bossa Nova is Garota de Ipanema, which you might have heard as Girl from Ipanema.

When I was 11 I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I started playing by myself which is never a good idea, and eventually my parents put me in some nice classes. Of course when I was young I wanted to play Rock, but since my classes were serious I was instead taught classic music and bossa nova and music theory.

All I wanted was to play some sick powerchords and instead I was falling half-asleep training arpeggios.

Bossa Nova is fairly popular in Japan, apparently. For some reason they tend to like our music.

For example, in the Final Fantasy Vocal collection "Love Will Grow", there's a FFIV music sang in Portuguese. It's also a Bossa Nova. It's also sang in an accent that makes me cringe. But it's all moon language to you anyway. Either way, I think the final result is pretty good.

Of course, sometimes the result isn't that good.

Of course as I pointed out in another update, Brazil is the country with the highest amount of Japanese people outside of Japan, so nothing prevents us from mixing the awesomeness.

Although Copacabana is the most famous beach, I'll be honest and say that it's not my favourite. I prefer the beaches from the northern states.

Who knows, maybe I'll talk about them sometime.

I really can't imagine Rufus "playing", whatever that means.

Of a Cessna, really? MY IMMERSION.

Wait, wasn't the president "playing"? He just left the boat. I don't understand.

Heard from whom? Everyone in the boat fucking died.

This one is easy, we just left and stood in the open chatting for 10 minutes.

Costa del Sol means Coast of the Sun. Or Sunny Coast if you're giving yourself some artistic freedom. It's Spanish.

In Portuguese, it would be Costa do Sol.

Honestly, I get the feeling that the guy was talking about the previous President and don't actually know or care that he died. And it makes sense, Rufus is pretty pissed off that these bozos were hired and kept in the company.

Once again Heidegger gets really pissed off and throws everyone in the water.


How can fighting a lot make you bored? Isn't that pretty much the opposite? Or maybe he's bored because they're in a beautiful beach not fighting a lot.

But really none of this dialogue makes much sense to me.


We can check the house immediately upstairs. This house is important for a very simple reason, we'll see it soon.

Look at how smooth this motherfucker looks. Look at that hat.

That's right, you can buy your own house, and it belonged to none other than President Shinra. Of course we want it. Let's see how much it costs.

Don't worry guys, one day we'll be this rich. I'll just put some [All] Materias in the unlinked DOUBLE Growth slots.

Seriously this makes zero sense to me.

Nevertheless we get a [Fire Ring], an accessory which nulls Fire Damage.

And [Motor Drive], the DOUBLE Growth weapon for Tifa.

You can't really see it on screenshots, but you can kick the soccer ball to Red XIII, making him very pissed off.


I'm sorry, I'm not buying that this guy was in SOLDIER.

Most of all, how do you forget the name of your childhood friend whom apparently was in SOLDIER with you?

Also, how do you move from the slums at Midgar to what I assume to be a very expensive coastal town?

And with that we end the update.


Hojo! Hojettes! More beaches!