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Part 25: Part Twenty-Five: Into the Heart of Galbadia

Part Twenty-Five: Into the Heart of Galbadia

If you let Irvine take the party he wants, you get to watch a little extra scene.

: (Yeah, whatever.)

If there's one thing Selphie hates in this world, it's sarcasm.

: You are, aren't you! Well, fine then! We WILL have a good time!
: We understand very well.

This is a fun scene.

: (...H-Hey.)

Squall's jealous.

: Call me Irvine. I'm a pretty lucky guy. Hand in hand with two beautiful girls!

Squall, you don't understand anyone.

: I think I feel sick...
: Irvine Kinneas... Loser...!

Quistis comes in with one of my favourite moves in the entire game right here.

: We have to get there before they do!
: (Grow up!)

This right here is easily my favourite shot from the LP so far.

Too bad for us, that scene is non-canon.

: I'll decide.

We're going with the exact opposite of what Irvine wants.

Much less likely to cause a harassment suit.

: Excellent choice, Mr. Leader.

Before we leave Galbadia Garden, we also get a short tutorial on switching party members.

We're not going to watch it.

I will let you have a peek at Irvine's stats, though. Like all the other characters, his unjunctioned stats aren't that great. He's about on par with the rest of the SeeDs.

Now, we have a train to catch.

Here's where Deling City is, by the way. Squall is at the end of the green cone, right next to Galbadia Garden. Balamb and Balamb Garden are on the little island with two yellow dots.

It looks like some asshole has parked on the train tracks. I hope that won't be a problem.

This stations looks pretty shitty, wow.

These guys over here are from Balamb Garden. You can tell because they're wearing blue, and the girl's tie thing is yellow.

Female Student: What does?
Male Student: You know, the war. You can tell the country's startin' to get all edgy. And plus, the sorceress.

People really don't trust the sorceress.

Probably because another sorceress did something bad enough to get the war named after herself.

Male Student: Well, there's more. It's terrible I tell ya...
Female Student: No WAY! Are you serious!?
Male Student: Yeah, she wants to make this Garden her base of operation.
Female Student: The sorceress!? Her base!?

You know, I don't think the sorceress respects Garden's neutrality.

Male Student: You know what would happen then?

Well, I have a feeling that she wouldn't be keen on exchange students.

Probably a better idea than staying here.

There are some more exchange students up here.

Their concerns are a little more pedestrian.

Let's get a move on.

Looks like we got here before the girls.

Zell and Irvine board while Squall opens the door for everyone.

Jesus, Zell, at least wait for the rest of the party.

What a creep.

Ah, now we're all here.

Selphie, predictably, is happy Squall opened the door and runs off to stare out the window.

Quistis and Rinoa both find the train announcement very funny for some reason.

: This is the only train bound for Deling City anyway.

Uh, yeah, hilarious.

Irvine sleazes away to hit on Selphie.

: So, what do we do about HIM?

Quistis and Rinoa are both worried about Selphie.

Really, nobody in the party likes Irvine. They all think he's a sleazeball.

I mean, they're not wrong.

: Y-yeah right...!
: A sigh of love?
: N-No...

Holy shit, dude, can you not?

Let's go check on Selphie.

Great advice, Squall.

: ...(sigh) How much longer 'til Deling City?

Irvine is such a skeeve that he ruined a train ride for Selphie.

Rinoa doesn't even wait for him to finish talking.

Quistis is the MVP of this update.

: No one understands me... Sharpshooters are loners by nature... We hone our instincts, pour our entire being into a single bullet. The pressure of the moment... An instant of tension...

By the way, the entire time he's making this speech, Irvine is walking around and posing like a fool.

: So like... Just do me a favor, and let me be! You get my drift?

Of course, the only thing any of them wants to do is not talk to Irvine.

Zell is so frustrated that he punches the floor.

At the same time, the train shakes (probably because it just plowed through that car on the tracks).

Train Announcement: I, uh... repeat... Err, there was no damage to the train from that, err, minor vibration...

The scene ends, and we're left to watch the train get to its destination.

And there it is, Deling City. The heart of enemy territory.

With the not-Arc de Triomphe there, you might be able to tell, but the design of Deling City is inspired by Paris.

Deling City is pretty busy.

People here are worried about what's going on, too.

Let's get out of the train station.

It's a pretty nice station, though.

Going up this escalator the first time is an FMV.

We come to the top to get a view of the city.

Just as they're putting up the Galbadia signal.

: Leader, what's up?
: We're heading for Caraway's Mansion. It's in the government district. We're here as back-up from Galbadia Garden. Don't blow our cover.

Squall is also wondering about the man of his dreams. Will the two plotlines come together in Deling City?