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Part 17: Interlude 3 - Rogue's Gallery 1

Interlude 3 - Rogue's Gallery 1

One of the neat things I'm picking up on this time through is that Yuna, much like Batman, is surrounded by parallels of herself; funhouse mirrors of parts of her own psyche. We learn a lot about Yuna by watching how she deals with them. I won't go into too much detail for spoilers' sake, but keep these in mind as we move forward, and think about Yuna's character interactions in this context.


There but for the grace of Yevon goes Yuna. Leblanc is a sphere hunter just like Yuna, but unburdened by the morals and empathy that keep her honest. The events at Kilika demonstrate that Yuna's willing to steal as much as Leblanc is, given certain justifications. In growing up and finding her independence, Yuna has to navigate a balance between her previous, humble self, and Leblanc, the avatar of avarice.


Baralai is presented as a seductive reminder of what Yuna gave up when she dismantled Yevon. The first few times they meet, she's a little unsure of herself, and struck by his confidence. It's an acknowledgment that choosing a new life the way she has is really fucking scary, and that a certain degree of certitude and moral clarity was part of what she sacrificed.

That's about what I can post without spoilers right now, but there's more to come in the future.