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Part 19: Job Talk 5 - Alchemist

Job Talk 5


HP 8th MP 13th STR 8th MAG 12th DEF 7th MDEF 11th AGI 7-8th ACC 4th EVA 10th LUCK 6-7th

The Alchemist is a White Mage with a gun. Not a lot of straight-up attack power, and magically weak, but items can do much the same job as White Magic, and Mix gives you strong attacks regardless of your stats. The Stash abilities are the same flavor of free healing that Pray gives you, only more powerful, and you can still choose to pay for something more instant in a pinch. Alchemist is a job for the sustainability-minded, overpowered in its ability to keep you going indefinitely.

mix two items for predetermined effects

If you use Alchemist for offensive purposes, this is probably what you're going to use. It's also one of the few uses of all those item drops now that equipment customization has gone the way of the aeon. It requires a bit of adjustment, though, since you don't automatically get access to new and better attacks by earning AP. Reagent hunting can be a pain.

uses one of the named items without spending your stock

Not so much of an instant-win button as a can-never-lose button. Mega-Potion and Mega Phoenix in particular will keep you at full fighting strength through all but the most dangerous end-game content. Remedy and Dispel Tonic round out the pretend White Magic skillset with buff and debuff management, although actually applying buffs is going to cost you. Elixir is the most grindtastic ability to learn, too.

reduces charge time for items by 80%
doubles recovery effects of items

These would be nice if they worked on the Stash abilities above. As it is, only Chemist really has any use, and not if you're a stingy miser like I am.

doubles the damage of elemental attack items
doubles the damage of non-elemental attack items

Can't hurt, but most of the easy-to-get attack items wind up obsolete very quickly. If you're playing with Alchemist, you'll be saving them for Mix anyway.