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Part 25: Job Talk 6 - Dark Knight

Job Talk 6

Dark Knight

HP 2nd MP 3rd STR 1st MAG 5th DEF 1st MDEF 3rd AGI 13th ACC 9th EVA 13th LUCK 9-10th

Look at those stats. No, seriously, look at them. Once you get the Dark Knight, you'll rarely use Warrior again. Equip a Haste accessory to help with that dismal Agility, and the Dark Knight will quickly become one of your top everyday damage sources. The combination of strong physicals, magic damage, and statuses make this a versatile class as well. Bring one into every boss fight to be your damage sponge.

spend HP to deal defense-ignoring damage to all enemies
steal HP from one target

You can pretty much make Darkness your default attack, even through most boss fights; by the time you get this job, you should have enough free healing, from Pray or Stash, to make it sustainable. If you run a little low, you might have to spend a turn with Drain, although it's not terribly efficient.

removes 25% of current HP from enemies
confuses one target
petrifies one target
poisons all enemies
dooms one target
kills target

Everybody has fractional damage and status attacks. The same caveats apply as always, but I have to single out Bio specifically; in the prequel, poison was really dangerous, and Bio was a potentially powerful spell. They nerfed poison for X-2, and without also dealing direct damage (as in some other games) Bio's worth has plummeted significantly.

ten non-elemental magic attacks, Strength based, against all enemies

A Comet-like spell that does random hits. Even though it's based on Strength, it's not as powerful as its cost would suggest.

remove self from battle to deal twice max HP to one target

Powerful, but it's not usually worth using since it leaves you a girl short until the battle's over. Last resort.

immune to given status

This is a nice set of status immunities for one job, and yet another reason to bring a Dark Knight to every boss fight. It may be a waste of her time to sling Remedies, but it's better than wiping.