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Part 26: Interlude 5 - I Seriously Once Had a Job Literally Pounding Sand

Interlude 5 - I Seriously Once Had a Job Literally Pounding Sand

Did you happen to turn O'aka over to the Al Bhed in Chapter 1? Do you feel bad about it? Do you want to get back onto the Cleared O'aka's Debt event path? Well, fortunately, there's something you can do about it besides restarting your game.

In Chapter 2, if you go digging in the Southern Expanse, you might see a green X on your radar. Approach it, and...

Yep, the Al Bhed have O'aka working off his debt in indentured servitude in the desert.

Me luck's run dry, it has. Getting meself in debt over me head... I'm likely to wither up 'n die before I come across any treasure.

This is mostly because he never moves from his spot. You have to run over the other X's, O'aka.

Anyway, the game gives you one more chance to take him aboard the Celsius. If you do, the game proceeds as normal; you can buy things to pay off his debt and get a discount when it's all gone. It does count as a failed digging expedition (if you care) and Rikku and Paine don't react to O'aka's presence (since technically the last thing you did was digging, that's what they talk about).

I've heard that you can find O'aka as late as Chapter 3, but details are sketchy and contradictory, and I haven't been able to do so myself. One of the annoying things about trying to show as much of the game's content as possible is that it's hard to find good FAQ's that tell you how to screw up properly. Anyway, since I can neither prove nor disprove this claim, I'm putting this in an interlude between chapters.