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Part 29: Interlude 6 - Rogue's Gallery 2

Interlude 6 - Rogue's Gallery 2


What's really going on with Nooj is a bit of a spoiler, but I don't mind revealing this a little early (we'll start seeing this the next time we see Nooj); his database entry is a lie. "Deathseeker" isn't a name he earned for simply being fearless. He's self-destructive in a way that darkly mirrors Yuna's pilgrimage; while Yuna was committed to a mission and willing to sacrifice her life for it, Nooj wants to die and is searching for a cause worth dying for. As they get more face time together, their interactions are a way for Yuna to see her own pilgrimage from the outside, and what it was like for her friends to watch her choose death.


Not all of the parallels are antagonists. In the prequel, Yuna's defining moment was when she refused to compromise her friends for the sake of her mission. Paine, from the way she keeps herself guarded around the team and hides it behind a veneer of professionalism, acts like someone who had the opposite done to her. You could say that Yuna is just what Paine needs, but the tragedy is that the past tense is more accurate; the damage has already been done. Those in the audience who've been somebody's rebound relationship should know what Yuna's going through.