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Part 31: Interlude 7 - Merchant of Macalania

Interlude 7 - Merchant of Macalania

Unfortunately, what I posted for Macalania in the last update isn't the whole story. If you're on the path of clearing O'aka's debt, you get a little extra scene.

Come on, lad, I've come to give back the money I owe ye! Ye can't die before I pay ye back! Think of me reputation! I'm beggin' ye! Now look what ye've done! Disgrace! Disgrace on the O'aka name!

And as you try to leave...

I think you'll get more fiends than customers.
Then I'll just have to start sellin' to fiends, won't I? I owe it to those lads who died defending me shop, and I'll not be letting 'em down. Ye will come and stop in once in a while, won't ye?

Yunie, let's go visit O'aka's shop at the lake every now and then, okay?
A huge shape, deep within the lake...

So why did I omit this scene? Well, because it's wildly thematically inconsistent. It'd be like watching a production of Hamlet only to have Dick Van Dyke burst on stage and lead a rendition of Step in Time during Hamlet's death scene (spoiler alert). It also really cheapens Rikku's pathos, and considering that the Al Bhed in this game enjoy an upgrade from Fantasy Gypsy to Fantasy Jew, the wholesale slaughter of a shop full of them is really not something to be glossed over.

We can't pretend it didn't happen, because O'aka has some wacky scenes at the end of the game, but for now, let's respect the fallen as much as the game will let us.