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Part 40: Interlude 10 - Hot Springs Episode Omake

Interlude 10 - Hot Springs Episode Omake

So, um, I neglected to mention a certain place we installed a CommSphere last chapter.

...Yeah. These scenes are presented as omake, without particular regard to continuity, so don't think too hard about how certain characters managed to get to the hot springs. In order, we see:

A Ronso trying to soak away his genocidal urges.

A cactaur from a minigame I've gone out of my way not to start yet.

Tobli, standing deep enough that he should by all rights be drowning.

Buddy, who somehow managed to slip off the Bridge while we weren't looking.

That felt good.

O'aka, trying out new marketing approaches.

I think I'm on to somethin'!

O'aka's brother Wantz, heretofore unseen, peeping on two women. Excellent debut, buddy.

Isaaru and his brothers having a traditional brotherly feud.

Same as always.
With you it's always "same as always," isn't it?
Hey, did you guys hear? Lady Yuna's a sphere hunter now!
The fact that I don't change is one of my better assets. Can't you accept that?
Uh, what's an asset?
Only other people can tell you what your assets are. They're not something you can judge on your own.
Maroda, may I have a word with you?

And Isaaru fries his brother with lightning off-screen.

Lucil and Elma in their own version of the water cooler chat.

I dunno. Why would I know what he's up to?
I hope he's all right.
I'm sure he's off somewhere gushing about how much he loves his "Good little chocobo"!

A kweh is heard in the distance!

Well, maybe he's closer than we think.

Maechen tries to give exposition to a monkey.

The permanence of this place is palpable. Care to hear about it?


Clasko contemplating his career opportunities.

Cid, Nhadala, and Rin discussing the future of the Al Bhed.

Letting themselves get all bent out of shape over the tiniest little thing.
Not everyone who gets bent out of shape is a kid. If you know what I mean.
Just whose side are you on, anyway? You're not so young yourself, missy. 'Bout time you started acting your age.
I bet we could start quite a business here at the hot springs.
We'll make a fortune! We could finally rebuild Home!

What in tarnation! So just what have you been saving up all that gil for?
I have decided I want my own home. That is what I am working for now.
Listen, Cid. It might be cliche, but times really are changing. Even if you rebuilt Home, no one would come. People are too busy looking for a new place to belong.

And finally, Dona without the person she'd most like to share a hot spring with.

Naturally, a bunch of these scenes are worth completion percentage, which makes you feel like the game is forcing you to be a voyeur. I might have just omitted this section, except I kind of like the scene with Cid and friends. The Al Bhed don't really need a shelter from the world any more, do they?