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Part 60: Job Talk G - Grid and Accessory Abilities

Job Talk G - Grid and Accessory Abilities

What is this? Well, there's a bunch of traditional Final Fantasy abilities that, while they fit into existing jobs' ability set menus, are only available by equipping accessories or using Garment Grid gates. A lot of them are abilities you won't see often, or at all, due to the headache involved in accessing them, and many jobs' new abilities duplicate their effects. So, I'm going to briefly pretend that they've all been lumped together into a brand new job, and discuss them, on the assumption that they'll probably be new to you. I made a video showing off their animations for the same reason.

Video: Inconvenient Abilities

steals MP from target

Thankfully, unlike some games, this doesn't actually cost MP to use. There's enough MP stealers in the game to make this worth keeping on hand.

applies status to target

These are single-target, resistible, slow, and I think they wear off too. Stick with grenades instead.

non-elemental damage against target
six holy-elemental attacks against target
strong non-elemental damage against all targets

These are fun spells, but if you've run into enemies that require them you probably already went into the Via Infinito.

applies haste to target
applies haste to party
restores target to 25% of max HP after death

Haste is most useful for keeping your Chain combo going, and Auto-Life is a reasonable way to dodge attacks that will kill your whole party. Single-use ones, anyway.

standard attack that deals 99999 damage if the user has never fled from battle

And when I say standard, I mean it's right there under Attack in your list and has exactly the same animation. Pretty disappointing for a crazy completion reward gimmick.

While I'm making ability videos, here's one more containing the animations for two attacks I didn't get to actually show off in the LP; Zantetsu, because it takes forever to work on bosses, and CONGRATS!, which takes forever to hack the reels into place.

Video: Annoying Abilities

Finally, since there's no other decent place to put these;

This is, indeed, the depiction of YuRiPa in Kingdom Hearts 2. It is not a cruel joke that the Internet is playing on you.

And this is how Yuna responds when Sora asks who they are. May I remind you that Kingdom Hearts is a franchise whose entire purpose in life is to make masturbatory references to every Final Fantasy game released after the advent of 3D graphics. I count this as more evidence in favor of my Lack of Developer Confidence Theory.

I do, however, approve of how the game treats Rikku.

Well, I guess that wraps it up for me.