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Part 56: Von Muir p. 39-45: "Chapter 3: Edward and the Sage's Judgement"

Von Muir p. 39-45: "Chapter 3: Edward and the Sage's Judgement"

Exodus is the Esper of Aether, associated with the sign of Libra. The eldest of the Espers, he was created to determine the worth of the world and its inhabitants. And yet, the demands of his very position, to sit and watch, dispassionate and detached, are what made the world and its inhabitants have no value to him. Did he harbor eons of resentment, forced to shepherd a world inexplicably favored by the gods though he it knew to be worthless? Or did he join the Esper rebellion out of simple apathy, willing to unmake creation because he had no reason not to? Either way, it took the wrath of the gods to remind him that there are things that sit above even him.

The world may have had no value to Exodus, but he has plenty of value to the party. Vaan can gain 500 extra HP, Balthier can learn to wear mid- to high-tier Heavy Armor, Fran can learn Decoy and Oil Magicks, and Basch or Ashe can gain one point of Strength.

Writing Assignment 9

Choose a summoner for Exodus and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Also, since there's a fairly obvious argument to be made and Balthier already has two Espers, I'm going to try to make this a little more interesting -- your essay cannot use the word "judge" or any variation or derivation thereof ("judging," "judged," etc.). Synonyms are okay. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 9 due!

Well, KazigluBey's essay seems a tad mean on first glance. Yet, haven't we heard the same directly from Vaan's lips? He is certainly not incapable of caring, but, in his obsession with watching and judging the Empire, he forgot to take stock of the things that actually mattered to him personally. Now he stands adrift, without a purpose, borrowing Ashe's for want of one. And yet, his impossible escapist fantasy draws nearer every day that he follows that borrowed purpose. So too can Exodus borrow Vaan's purpose, and perhaps also find a path anew.

KazigluBey posted:

Realities apart, countless protagonists stand in the limelight of their respective stories, driving them ever onwards with their every action and spoken word. Yet, on Ivalice, a young boy is relegated to being a minor plot-line within his own tale, forced to ask rude questions for lack of anything better to contribute to the proceedings. Apart from the events swirling around him yet fully aware and alert, he sits on the sidelines of history. Watching. Waiting.

What more fitting Esper for Vaan than the one consigned by his creators to be the eternal observer, detached from the world he observes?