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Part 58: Von Muir p. 24-29: "Chapter 1: Edward and the Aspect of the Vagabond"

Von Muir p. 24-29: "Chapter 1: Edward and the Aspect of the Vagabond"

Shemhazai is the Esper of Soul, associated with the sign of Sagittarius. Given the menial task of guarding the gods, she entertained herself playing manipulation games with wandering souls. When the Espers rose, she thought to play the same sorts of games against the gods, playing both man and Esper alike against them. Condemned for her heresy, she once again acts as the gods' guardian, but, this time, in perfect isolation, where none can hear her whispers.

As she taught man the ways of war, Shemhazai has plenty to teach the party. Vaan can gain a bonus of 5% to block with a shield, Balthier can gain Esuna and Cleanse Magicks, Fran can learn to wield the Caldera and Volcano, and Ashe can gain an extra 230 HP.

Writing Assignment 10

Choose a summoner for Shemhazai and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 10 due!

There were a couple of essays this time around that I read and immediately said to myself, "That one's going to be my pick." But only one of them made me let out a little bark-laugh after reading the first sentence, and that was Schwartzcough's. It seems, from what we saw of his performance in Archades, that Balthier has forgotten what whisperers like Jules are capable of. Saddling him with Shemhazai will make a useful reminder.

Schwartzcough posted:

A creature of whispers and manipulation, Shemhazai should go to Jules. But since he's not in your party, she should be assigned to someone who is familiar with the power of knowledge and information, and has lived in a society where whispers and secrets are used to bring down giants and raise yourself to power by climbing over the fallen. Balthier knows how to survive and see through such whispers, and to properly benefit from them.