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Part 63: Von Muir p. 63-69: "Chapter 7: Edward Meets the Mighty Meditator"

Von Muir p. 63-69: "Chapter 7: Edward Meets the Mighty Meditator"

Chaos is the Esper of Wind, associated with the sign of Taurus. His plight is unique among the Espers, as his downfall came from the realm of mortal man. Created to guard crystals that empowered the natural forces of the world, he was swept into the life cycle of the world's inhabitants, experiencing the existential pains and fears of birth and death until nothing else remained in his consciousness. Only through meditation could he empty his mind and find a moment of peace, leading him to take up arms against the gods, to break the cycle of life and bring that peace of emptiness to all things, for all time.

Chaos is the first Esper that costs three Mist Charges to summon, and this final tier brings yet more power to the characters. Vaan can increase the strength of his unarmed strikes, Balthier can learn to wield the Ultima Blade, Fran can gain an extra 350 HP, Basch can gain an extra 270 HP, Ashe can gain an extra 310 HP and the use of the Defender and Save the Queen, and Penelo can learn to cast Bio, Blindga, Aeroga, and Silencega Magicks.

Writing Assignment 12

Choose a summoner for Chaos and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 12 due!

Hmm. It seems like a number of students have been skimming the reading material, and ended up confusing Chaos with "chaos." Despite the name, a meditative nihilist isn't really a good representation of the concept of disorder. There was one well-thought-out essay that I liked, but that failed to convince me, by Leamonde -- despite giving me Entite hunting flashbacks from their username, I appreciated the breadth of thought and effort put into that essay.

Leamonde posted:

I see Chaos being a good foil to Fran. Fran, who from a secluded viera village, entered the world of man to gain her freedom, while Chaos was thrust into--not of his own volition. Chaos does his best to find moments of solitude, but Fran finds no comfort in her inability to hear the Green Word. These different perspectives will help promote necessary growth in character. Additionally, considering Fran's lifespan, I imagine that she too will witness a couple cycles of life-at least human life- while she's alive.

But, as I said, I wasn't compelled by this argument, and some of the other essays were just wildly irrelevant. My student grader wanted me to fail the lot of you as a "lesson," but that's overly vindictive (also my teaching contract is up for renewal this year and my course grade averages are taken into account during the review process) so I'm going to grade this assignment on a curve, based on the average essay arguing for Ashe, the deposed princess, to wield the Save the Queen.

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

It's thematic maybe? She's wielding the sword to save Dalmasca of which she is the queen, or somesuch, and being a white mage with a greatsword is some symbolic thing about tempering power with compassion since her Curaja and Arise gambits should be pretty high up there.

Catling Gun posted:

I did this in my playthrough. Honestly, I feel like you can't not give Ashe Save The Queen.

Fister Roboto posted:

I can't think of anything more appropriate than having a queen-in-exile wield Save The Queen.